Apple 🍎 🍏

I decided to go with the Apple Watch. I can answer texts off my iPhone, have my calendar vibrate that I need to leave for a job, as well as track meals, exercise, and sleep. So it will work well for me. Well, I guess I’ll find out. I talked to a couple of friends with Fitbit and Apple Watch yesterday and that helped make my decision. Now to set it all up and get moving!

According to the Apple health app on my phone, I walked a BUNCH of steps and climbed a few flights of stairs. I didn’t have my phone on me for 2 flights of stairs or walking around the house for an hour while I charged my phone but that’s okay. I think it went well for my first real day of trying! I logged my food and only went over by 5 calories so I’m not complaining there either!

Now all I need to do is make those steps every day plus climb more stairs. I will get into actual going out for exercise (aka walking) when I’m not crazy busy like today.

I am with Styled at her attorneys office right now. Then she needs to run errands. Hopefully I will drop her off with enough time to go home to eat lunch before going to see the couple and take them to the doctor. I’m pretty sure they will want to go get food on their way home too, they usually do. Then I will go pick up Forgetful and take her to dinner somewhere. Or maybe I will just sit with her while she eats dinner at her retirement home. I would rather eat at home so I know I don’t go over on calories! Plus I’m trying to finish all the food we have before it spoils and definitely before I cook other stuff. And it’s healthy with all 4 major food groups so yes, I should eat at home.

While I’m waiting for Styled, I walked to the convenience store down the street and bought a bottle of Smart water. I love that stuff! That way I also wasn’t just sitting around to wait. I ended up getting an extra 500 steps. Yay me!

My son has 3 weeks left of school before the Christmas holidays. Must be nice. I’m usually a bit slow during this time of year but not this week! I’m glad about that. I will slow down closer to Christmas though and that’s okay, I want to be home more when my son isn’t in school. I know my Mom will be working extra since she’s in retail so it’s better if I’m at home. That’s one of those reasons I started doing this business anyway!

I hope everyone is having a good week. I’m trying to! I have a total of 40 pounds to lose (I had gained 5 since I weighed myself the last time – eek!). That’s what I’m up to.

10 thoughts on “Apple 🍎 🍏

  1. Half of the hospital staff have smart watches and loves them. I am not in that half , but glad you enjoy yours πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about the 40 pounds just focus on how you feel each day and how your clothes fit

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