Favorite Christmas movies

I’m not able to do a post a day on Christmas stuff but I’ll give you a few over the month. I don’t have too many favorites but I do watch a few because it seems like my son would just watch Anime all year if I didn’t make him sit with me and watch Christmas movies at least a few times!

So if somebody doesn’t like Home Alone (although as an adult I still can’t believe they actually left their child at home) I don’t know what to think. I can watch this movie anytime during the year! We own all of them even though the last one wasn’t nearly as good.

The Grinch will always be a classic. I really prefer the old cartoon to Jim Carrey but I love the Grinch! The Houston Symphony will be showing this film and playing all of the music from it live this year. If they weren’t also doing Harry Potter (which we already have tickets for), I would be going to that!

This is on television for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day which I can’t stand but I do watch it once. I had never seen it until my son’s father had it on and it’s been a tradition ever since.if you don’t know, this is really about Thanksgiving but it is a holiday movie! They made a great team in this movie and I watch it every year! It is actually an all time favorite movie of mine. I thought John Candy was a great actor (Uncle Buck) and Steve Martin has always been funny.Who doesn’t like watching Chevy Chase get electrocuted? LOL This is a must watch each year. I love all of the classic National Lampoon movies and this is my Christmas one! Yes, I own them all. I do love Chevy Chase movies (Fletcher series too).

I actually hated Elf when I first saw it but now I love it. My son always rolls his eyes when I pull it out to watch at the beginning of the season and refuses to watch it with me. I still watch it though! SANTA! SANTA’s coming! I LOVE SANTA! Makes me laugh every time.

There you have it. My favorite Christmas movies that I watch every year. This year is a bit different because we live with my Mom and I’m not sure if she likes these movies but I guess we will find out!

17 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas movies

  1. I hate Elf, lol! I love the Grinch cartoon movie, too and all of the other movies on your list. Except I haven’t seen the one with Chevy Chase nor the one with Steve Martin!

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