You’re killing me Smalls!

Okay, yes, I stole that line from a movie although I cannot for the life of me remember what movie it is!

That Body Pump class. OH MY GOD. I thought I was dying! My neighbor and I did the elliptical machine for 3 minutes (that killed my knees) and the treadmill for 10 before walking downstairs to the class. First off, it’s not hand weights, it’s a barbell! So you have the weight of the bar plus the weight of the weights you add to it!

And you have to hold it on the back of your neck for some of the exercises! That hurt so bad so I did those particular exercises without the bar. I also skipped out of push ups (I just can’t do them with bad knees). Otherwise, I did everything she asked! I started out with 5 pound weights but after a while, switched them out with 2.5 pound weights. That was the only way I was able to do the entire 55 minute class. I’m proud of myself and I am SURE I will hurt in the morning! When the class was over, I checked and saw I only had 8,000 steps for the day. Eek! Even though I did the class, I wanted my 10,000 steps for the day too. So I walked the dog. And I walked her again. I went above and beyond once again so I’m feeling pretty good!

I can’t sleep which sucks since I have to be up at 6. It may be because I was feeling good earlier and was dancing around my room for like 15 minutes so maybe I just need a bit more relaxing time in order to go to sleep.

I got my Bluetooth headphones today and they are SO cool! They stay in my ears, they have great sound, and they came with a carrying case and a car charger. Totally worth the $20 spent.

All I have to do tomorrow is go see Forgetful so it will be a good slow day. The Godfather is coming over bright and early to help my mom install her new lamps and even get on a ladder on her stairs to change lightbulbs on her chandelier. She also had a friend of mine come clean the carpets today. Let me tell you, my mom had stains from my dad’s bladder cancer surgery drainage bags on her carpet (sorry for the TMI) and my friend got those out in like ONE minute! He went above and beyond and did all 3 bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, and the stairs for $100. He is awesome! He won’t allow me to put his name down for fear the company he works for will freak out so I won’t. He’s really good at his job though!

I would have gone to sleep at 10 but my ex husband called to let me know he’s moving in with some weird girl and her husband. I have met the girl a few times and have no intention of ever meeting her husband. And if my ex thinks my son is going near them, HA! He was telling me that he will start paying child support soon because they are going to charge him very little to rent out a room at their house. Good luck with that dude! I seriously doubt he will pay anything either. He has never paid on his own. The only time I ever got anything was when his job pulled it out before paying him. That was years ago too. We shall see. Maybe he will shock me.

Anyway, time for me to go to bed. To all of my friends reading this that have just started your Monday, have a great day and to us over here, go to sleep already! Why are you still awake???

26 thoughts on “You’re killing me Smalls!

  1. I only once did one of those classes. But after 10 minutes already I walked out.
    I just couldn’t handle it!
    Anyhow, you’re making me feel back for not exercising at all, haha. Good job!

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  2. I wanna see you dancing around the room(shh. Don’t tell anyone I do that to when no one is watching)I’ll leave you in suspense about the movie line,, think kids and baseball, was good movie too ,, have great day my hero,,,

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  3. The movie line “You’re killing me, Smalls” is from the Sandlot, Julie!! I love all 3 of those movies. ❤
    That work out sounds awful lol I am so proud of you for doing it though and getting all your steps in still! You are doing so awesome!
    Those headphones look nice glad you like them!
    Your friend is amazing for getting out all those stains so quickly! I wish he would've let you tell us who he was and what he uses!! Haha.
    Your child's father sounds sketchy lol hopefully he pays you though! I'm just making dinner and going to work after haha, sweet dreams!! ❤

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