Last night was


My right heel started to hurt as I was cooking. When I was done in the kitchen, I checked my steps and it said I still need 2,500 to hit my 10,000 for the day AND my watch said I still need 8 minutes of workout time to complete my day. Oh my god, really? So I talked to my mom and made sure she enjoyed dinner and then said “I am going out to walk to finish these steps”. I set out the door while turning on my outdoor walking timer and went off. I walked 15 minutes according to the timer so why did my exercise ring only show I went 5??? Why??? So I had to keep going until it said I was done. Then I had to walk back home so I ended up with a few extra minutes. I mean – come on! Each day it seems like the 30 minutes the watch says to do gets longer and longer!

And I am in pain all over now – I feel sore and stiff everywhere. I’m guessing it’s from the class on Sunday but I really don’t know for sure. Another reason I wish I could stay in bed today. I need to figure out how to exercise today too.

So I made cheese crackers and stuffed bell peppers for dinner. My mom had never had the crackers and I told her to try one as an appetizer since dinner wouldn’t be ready for an hour or so. She ate 7! The recipe makes 75 (it says 150 but they would be teeny tiny if I made them at that size!) so we have plenty left, I was just amazed she liked them! Recipes down below – both gotten off the Allrecipes app. The crackers are addicting and the stuffed peppers were pretty good. I was going to take some to Cranky (I made 8 stuffed peppers) so I asked her caregiver to ask her and she replied that Cranky said NO so she told me to bring them tomorrow (meaning today). πŸ˜‚

All I have today is Forgetful to take her for tests in the medical center and it’s probably good because it is supposed to rain here all day! High of 51 and 100% chance of rain. I wish I didn’t have to go anywhere and could sit home all day and eat my crackers but oh well.

Y’all have a good day!

<ugs Hugs everyone!

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