Yes. This exercise watch is ridiculous. Okay, okay, it’s not the watch – but I’m frustrated with these steps yesterday!

I went out and did a 20 minute, 3.5 miles per hour walk last night and I didn’t even get near the 10,000 step mark??? I still needed 2,000 steps! And this is AFTER walking around all day while working and going out with my mom. I did stay outside walking to make sure I got my steps in.

I did get an award off my watch for doing 8 straight days of hitting all of my goals last night after I stayed out and made sure I got my steps in. I am really proud of that. I don’t think I have done this much work to better myself in forever! Literally! I’ve always been the one to work out a day, take a day off, work out a day or two, take more days off, take a cheat day on my diet plan, etc. Now I’ve gone 8 days straight.

There are 2 crackers left. Out of the 75 I made. Seriously. They are THAT tasty. I looked at what I had eaten in my log and realized my mother ate most of them. Okay Mom, I guess I shouldn’t have introduced you to those. They would have lasted me a week. That’s okay. That’s why I cook, so she will have something good to eat.

She and I had a serious talk yesterday (she was stuck riding around with me in my car for an hour) about what issues she has medically and what she’s been tested for at her doctors office. I want her to take the dementia test. Now she thinks that I think she’s crazy. Good lord mother. I just want to make sure you’re okay! I’m very glad I’ve been making diabetic friendly foods since she finally admitted to me that she’s diabetic and doesn’t check her blood sugar or control what she’s eating. She says if it’s her time, she’s fine to go be with my dad again. Umm, oookkkkaaaayyyy. I swear. If I could smack her upside the head I would. I’ll just keep cooking healthy stuff and she can keep thinking it’s normal food. I will cut out a lot of bread too (like not buying it, telling her the burger I made is steak (yeah right). This is making me nuts. She’s an adult though and I can’t make or force her to take better care of herself. All I can do is be here for her and cook healthy.

My son decided to go to school in shorts in our 40 degree weather yesterday too. And since it was raining, I picked him up to go home instead of the walking he usually does. All he had was a sweater too! It’s supposed to rain today as well but I’m picking him up early because he has a dentist appointment for a cleaning and then he will meet with the orthodontist about braces. I got a discount card that is supposed to save me $3,000 on his braces too so yay! It cost me $112 for both of us to be covered by it but since I need to go in and have my dentures checked anyway every 6 months, why not? This makes cleanings all free and discounts on everything else. It’s called My Smile Dental Plan. I used it when I got my dentures and saved almost $10,000 plus now with the savings on braces, I think it’s totally worth the money!

That’s it today. I will go see Forgetful and then pick my son up at school. He is going to the dentist to get told all about braces and what they will be doing plus a cleaning. Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. Way to stay on top of the daily movement. You’re doing much better than I am at the moment.

    As for your son – GEEZ! We were getting that cold rain yesterday and there is no WAY I would be going out in shorts even for a run.

    Good plan for your mom. I’m sorry it’s being difficult there but you seem to be making all the right choices and doing the right things. She’s lucky to have you there.

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    1. Yeah, he’s 12 so he thinks he knows everything and doesn’t need to wear pants. I’m even wearing sweats and I never wear those!
      My mother is driving me a bit batty but nothing I can do at the moment!

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      1. And of course you get more sensitive to cold as you get older. I remember being his age, sleeping late and showering just before I went out the door (no time otherwise). By the time my school bus came my hair would literally be frozen. I wouldn’t wear shorts but I definitely didn’t have a really heavy jacket. I have no memory of being cold then.

        My son is the same way – he doesn’t wear a heavy winter jacket on the coldest days. He just wears what looks good and says he doesn’t feel cold.

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      2. I guess so because I’m freezing and he says he’s fine! He actually told me last night that his legs are immune to the cold. My mom would kill me if I went outside with wet hair when I was young!
        Your son and mine are nuts 😂

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  2. Getting older truly is NOT for sissies . I hope your mom does well on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and yeah for making healthy meals , and turning your daily walking into a lifestyle instead of a fad 🙃

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  3. Julie, I’m so proud how hard you are working to better yourself! 10,000 steps a day is a lot and that’s awesome that you’re pushing yourself to reach that everyday. I think I already mentioned how cute I think it is that you cook for your mom!! My mom would prob never eat anything I made lol.
    Also what a deal on the braces! My dad paid $5,000 total for mine so if it’s still that price and you’re getting $3,000 off, wow!!

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