I did it!

I did what I said I would do! The issue I have now is I gained 2 pounds. How did that happen? Hopefully it’s like a gain before you lose thing because I had dropped 4 and now gained 2. Not cool.

I believe my mother is getting sick of us now. Yesterday I asked her to pick up my son at school since it was 36 degrees. She did. When she picked him up, she told him “we are going to discount tire”. He asked if she would drop him off on the way and not even having to turn down our street, he would walk from the main road. She refused and drove on. He called me and asked when I was getting off work. Since I just had left the couple, I said I can come get you since the couple lives 3 minutes from discount tire. I start driving there because who knows how long it will take her. It took me 3 hours when I went! I get there and pick up my son with no grandma in sight. I asked him where she was and he said, “Oh. She left.” HUH? She left my child at a store by himself on a busy street???? Thankfully she had only left a minute before I picked him up and we passed her on our way home and we even beat her here (I know shortcuts). You do not leave a child, he may be 12 and 5’8 but still a child, alone! So I’m pissed at her and she’s pissed at his attitude and pissed that I was willing to pick him up. Oh my GOD mother! So my son told me last night that no matter what the weather, if I can’t pick him up due to work, he’s going to walk with other kids from school. I don’t blame him! She asked me why I picked him up and I asked her in return why did you just leave him there. No answer to that one! He did get to see the gun range where I got the membership and he’s happy it’s close by and now can’t wait to go.

Yesterday I went to my appointment at the breast examination place. I was there in July for my mammogram and got sent a letter stating they need more tests. No specifics, just that. So after being scared and nervous (I mentioned it in a post way back then I think), I finally went back. They did different pictures yesterday and then an ultrasound. I was there almost 2 hours. After the ultrasound, they had me sit and wait for the doctor. He walks in, sits down, looks at me, and says, “You do not have breast cancer. You have a mole under your skin that confused the test reader and required you to have these extra tests.” THANK YOU GOD! I’m safe for another year. He told me since I was here this month, I don’t need another test until next December. Woo hoo!

Then I took Forgetful to pick up cat food and go to Whole Foods for lunch. We all ate at their salad bar. I guess she and her caregiver didn’t understand what I meant by the cost goes by the weight of your container because their lunch was so stuffed full, they both took half home and their meals were $11 and $13! Crazy! My little salad was $5.70. Oh well. I know I will get paid back from her kid, I just hate spending like that. I always watch what I get at places like salad bars because I know they will weigh it and charge. Whatever. ๐Ÿ™„

Then I took the husband from the couple out on errands. I’m glad I did him last because I had a feeling he wanted to go multiple places. First the pharmacy. Drive through, that’s fine. Then the fresh food place. $320 spent there on foods that you probably already have at home but whatever, he bought me a chocolate walnut cookie so I was excited. Then by the bank and then the grocery store where you had 4 things on your list but you spent over $300 including 6 bottles of wine. Okay. That was 3 hours total but since he had overpaid me last time, he only paid me for 2 yesterday. I hate when he does that. I deal with it though, like usual. No tip from them lately either, I guess the cookie was my tip. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Today I have Styled to go get her hair and nails done and then Forgetful. That’s it today for work. I will come home to meet Xfinity because our internet went out last night and never came back. I called them last night and they said according to their system, it has been acting up going off on its own for 2 months and they would come out and get it fixed today. That’s amazing. The next day??? Usually it’s a week! AND the lady on the phone gave my mom a $25 credit for the hassle. I’m amazed. At my old place, I could never get a technician to come out before a week had gone by and then they would charge me. Maybe it’s because my mom is “elderly?” She’s not but her age sounds like it plus the fact that I called it in for her. Who knows but I’m happy with their service for once!

That’s my day in a nutshell. Not too bad. I just hope it goes to plan. For once in my life. So probably not. Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I agree with the other other commenters about the muscle!
    And awww….I don’t think your mom is sick of you guys, she was just having a bad day, I guess though I can’t believe she just left him like that!
    Lol and sorry that the couple hasn’t tipped you in cash but the cookie was nice of him ๐Ÿ˜‚ but seriously? $320 in groceries, dang!!

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