Another Monday?

I decided that yesterday would be MY day. I didn’t exercise much. I didn’t even cook anything but the burgers (which are REALLY tasty too). Hell, I didn’t even shower. Gross, right? It was my day. I did wash the dishes, make the burgers on the George Foreman grill, then washed everything I used again. I also got rid of all the crap on the kitchen counters. Why does anyone need 3 huge unused containers just sitting there??? I asked my mom this and she says, I could fill them. With what exactly? They don’t close well, they are metal, and they are huge! What would you put in there? So she said she will find a place for them and having the counter space is nice.

Today I am going to shower first including shaving. Then I have to take a clients car to be washed (special request from the couple), and then stop by to see Forgetful. That’s it. My mother is off today and tomorrow so she is continuing to clean out all the crap in her bedroom. She leaves for Dallas at some point this week. Is it wrong that I’m a bit excited about having 2 full days where I don’t have to worry about anything and can just be me? I don’t even mind having to clean the litter box! I’m going to have a couple friends stop by to see where I am now. I need to make some snacks for them. One couple I’d like to have over is vegan so I really have to think! They would say don’t do anything but this is me, I always have something!

I found some cookie recipes on Allrecipes and I’m thinking I might make some. They sound really good!

Not sure if I will do all of them but they look like a new challenge for me, especially the macaroons! I’ve seen bakers on The Great British Baking Show even have issues with them. I just want to try. Why not?

And who doesn’t want gingerbread at Christmas? The princess cookies and cyclops (is that really the name of these?) look delicious too!

Now to find a vegan cookie recipe! You guys have seen me. Do I look like I would eat vegan? 😂 These look pretty easy to make and good too! Guess I’ll find out! It’s cookie making time! Well, not right at this instant, but this week!

That’s it for today. I have a couple of jobs each day this week so in my spare time, I’ll go to the store for ingredients, bake, and post what I make. I am definitely making those lemon squares too!

14 thoughts on “Another Monday?

  1. Sometimes on my me days I don’t shower either hehe it’s not gross! One day won’t kill ya. It’s actually better for your skin to not shower every day!
    I’ve watched baking shows where they have trouble with macaroons too but I bet you could do it. The vegan fudge cookies look awesome too, I’ve had vegan cookies before & they’re usually really tasty! Best of luck! ❤

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  2. I often miss a shower. Mostly because I’m too tired!
    I do miss cooking and baking. I always laugh when someone posts they have baked 11 or 12 dozen cookies in a day..ummmm, that is only 3 batches for me! (if each batch only makes 4 dozen and some I can get 6 dozen out of….) I miss baking…(did I say that!)
    I have never made anything vegan, I’ll look forward to hearing your success! (PS-those cyclops cookies look like PB blossoms)

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    1. They are PB blossoms… somebody just named them different 😂
      I get tired so easily with this chronic fatigue which is why I only made one 3 dozen batch of sugar cookies yesterday.
      I’m not sure I’m going to do the vegan cookies but I might! Thank you for reading!

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