Hair today

You guys decide. Which is better?

The before – I really do have a LOT of hair! On a normal day, I would comb it and be done. Fast and easy.

Or after – smooth and nice. This is how I like it but don’t always have time to do it. It takes me 15 minutes to straighten it when it’s short. When I had long hair, it could take an hour or more. I did this today because I had the time.

I also am not a fan of hairspray and to keep my straight hair, that is a necessity!

Let me know which one is better. And please don’t mind my bathroom. I didn’t decorate it. It was like this when we moved in with my mother. She has a thing for roosters.

19 thoughts on “Hair today

  1. The “after” hairstyle looks prettier! ❤ I have really wavy and curly hair and I don’t really get time to straighten it often. So I can understand your plight! 😃

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  2. What a straightener? Lol you are asking a person who literally brushes her hair and then puts it in a ponytail. I have no patients at all lol. Go with what makes you comfortable (That being said the 2nd photo did look better.)

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  3. I love your lipstick in the after picture! I hate hair spray too but you look fine without straightening your hair if you don’t have the time but when you do have time, why not straighten it? 🙂

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  4. . You look good in both, but the smoother one is more professional looking. In case you have to well, impress anyone!
    I miss having a lot of hair. I generally put mine in a high pony (I’ve been told I’m too old for that!) or twist it in a clip. Call me freaking lazy and I’ll agree!

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  5. Hard call!! I can’t choose! I love them both. I more see your face and eyes and smile so I really had to focus on your hair and I just like them both!!!

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  6. Hi Julie! I also have/had naturally curly and unruly hair. The hair products I use now has made me fall in love with my curls! I NEVER use the straightener or curling iron anymore. I’ve been a hairstylist and salon owner for 27 years and have tried it all! Reach out to me if you would like to know more.

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    1. Thank you! I love my hair straight but refuse to do a treatment that could ruin it. I’ve let it grow out a bit now so I can wear it curly if I want to. Thank you again for reading!


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