I’m loving my time!

It’s nice not having my mother around for a day. She will be back today though. I need to get my cookies finished this morning because if I don’t, I may not have another quiet chance.

Everyone loved the cookies yesterday and asked me to bring the others when I make them. I took those pictures to prove that I made them and didn’t buy them. Sad but it’s what you have to do when your cookies look so great. 😂 I took some to Cranky too. She got all excited and told her caregiver to give her one now with coffee. I asked her if she wanted to say please and she rolled her eyes and said “Please 🙄” It was funny the way she did it. I took one for each caregiver too. I hope they both like it!

Again, all I have today is Forgetful. It’s been SUCH a slow week! I will maybe make $200 this week. So sad 😞. Oh well. My bills are paid and we have food and that’s what counts! Forgetful and I are going out to lunch and then going to buy her step son and grandkids Christmas presents. I hope she has fun. She doesn’t want to do gift cards. She wants to go pick out something for each person. Eek!

I did way too well on exercise yesterday. I went out and walked a mile down the road and then walked back. I’m still sore so I will probably put off my exercise until later today but I will do it again. I’m on a mission to hit every daily goal every day this week. I know I can do it, I just need the motivation!

Since my mom kept having a fit about me walking outside in a black sweater, I ordered a red raincoat. I haven’t owned an actual raincoat in years. I usually use an umbrella. It came yesterday and The North Face opinion of red seems to be more orange. That’s okay. I like orange, I just really wanted red and had ordered red. Whatever. It’s nice. Lots of pockets inside and out and it’s warm. I’m glad I ordered a size larger too because this just fits me. That’s the problem I have with ordering online. You never know if it’s going to fit until you get it and try it on.

It’s 6:30am. My son and animals have been fed and I’ve played my phone games for the morning. I guess I should get dressed to take him to school and then come home and bake more. Then to shower and leave for the one job.

12 thoughts on “I’m loving my time!

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