My poor aching feet!

Yes, my feet hurt. Not as bad as they did last night and they don’t actually hurt, they ache. And I’m going to go with it’s because they have to carry all this weight around everyday. But why does my butt hurt? I haven’t fallen on it, I don’t plop down when I sit, nothing, but the area around my tailbone is killing me today! It hurts to sit down! Maybe I’m losing weight there first since I’m walking? I’m just hurting today and I’m glad I’m off tomorrow. I need to figure out this drip in the washer still too!

I lost a pound this week. Go me! So after that weight gain a few weeks ago, I only have 43 to go! I don’t mind losing slowly, maybe it will stay off that way. My goal this week is to hit all of my goals every single day. Here they are.


  • Do 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do 30 minutes of vigorous exercise each day (like walking at a fast pace).
  • Stay within my calories – I get 2,100 a day so I should be able to although it’s hard some days.
  • Hit the stand goal of 13 hours a day (that just means you weren’t sitting for an entire hour).
  • Hit my move calorie goal each day (I’ve doubled it a few times).

Since I got my watch, I’ve missed those goals more than once. This week, I missed my step goal on Tuesday by under 1,000 steps. Yes, it’s still bugging me. I started the week on Monday for this goal adventure after not hitting goals last Sunday, so I have a few more days to go to do this to see if I can meet every goal. Since I missed it on Tuesday, I will step it up next week and do it all over. I really want to make this a daily thing! Even if I can’t do it perfectly, try try again, right?

Today, I have Styled to get her hair and nails done as usual and then I have to go see Forgetful. Her step daughter in law asked for me to meet her there too. I think she wants to give me a Christmas present. She’s very sweet like that.

I still need to remake those cookies and make the Christmas wreath cookies. Standing in the kitchen hurts my feet more than the walking I do! I blame the tile floor. Speaking of the cookies! So my screw up wasn’t that bad! I took them to the retirement home to pick up Forgetful yesterday at lunchtime and asked all of the people eating lunch if they would like a gingerbread or lemon cookie. First of all, the young concierge at the front desk loved the lemon cookies – she didn’t like chocolate on it so she took those off but she ate like 4 of them! I had no cookies when I left. It was wonderful!!! Saying they were lemon cookies worked out well. And the older generation doesn’t really have a peanut butter allergy so I didn’t have to worry about that either. They went over well and some of the ladies said I was making everyone’s day. How is that for sweet?

My mother came home yesterday around 5pm. Glad I ended up not having friends come by. That wouldn’t have worked out too well. Plus this place is nowhere near ready to have people over. I need to get rid of half the furniture before I feel comfortable with friends seeing it.

I have to get dressed for work, walk the dog, and get moving so y’all have a good Saturday!

19 thoughts on “My poor aching feet!

  1. That’s a good thing to constantly push yourself a little more and more. I hope your tail bone starts feeling better because the foot pain I can handle but the pain back there is so

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