Off today!

I should work because all I made this past week was $270 but I’m taking my day off to not deal with dementia and crankiness. I already know I’m slow in December so I plan for it. So yay for taking a day off!

Yesterday was great for exercise. I think I did really well!

In addition to my exercise which included walking to the grocery store and back, I baked more cookies. I made the PB Blossoms THE RIGHT WAY, and made these Christmas Wreath cookies. A few actually looked like wreaths, a few looked more like Christmas Trees, and the rest were just blobs. I refrigerated them overnight and tried one this morning. They taste pretty good, like Rice Krispie treats only made with cornflakes. Excuse my blurry selfie, hard to eat a cookie and take a picture!

This morning I was woken up by banging right outside my bedroom door. It was either my Mom or the cats. I don’t know which. I wasn’t about to open my door and have a conversation at 8am on a Sunday! I didn’t go to sleep until 1. I was still making cookies until midnight! I swear my mother doesn’t like to let me sleep in. And when she was gone for the one day, I had to wake up and take my son to school. I know, poor me, I had to wake up on time. πŸ˜‚

Oh! The washer issue! Get this crap. My mom opened the washer to do laundry and it was FULL of water from that drip! I used a water bottle and got about half of it out before I was like, you know what? Why don’t we just turn on the spin cycle to drain it all? Now why didn’t I think of that in the first damn place??? So after running all the water out, my mom started her clothes and let the washer finish it’s cycle completely. Then I ran my clothes. Then my son ran his clothes. And guess what??? Because we let the washer complete the cycle each time, it’s not leaking anymore!!! Go figure! Well thankfully that saves us a plumber bill too.

This morning after being woken up, I took my new vitamin that I bought yesterday. I’m kind of hoping that it’s what I needed. I have not ever taken vitamins regularly. I’m really not good at taking pills and these are damn horse pills but I’m trying! It says to take 2 each day so I’m debating that. Can’t I just take one? I got them at the local GNC store and they were recommended by the sales guy. He said they constantly run out of them so they must be popular, right? Hmmm… I’m not too sure but he said these were easier to take than the other ones they had and these are time released vitamins so it helps you throughout the day. He said to take them for a week before I give up to see how I feel. At $60 for a months worth, these better be the best damn vitamins I’ve ever taken!

I packaged up all the cookies this morning, took the dog out on a 1,500 step walk, and did all the dishes from my cooking. Now I’m back in bed to write. I must move around a lot in my sleep. My butt doesn’t hurt anymore, now it’s my knee! This is why I bought vitamins. Something has to help! I also stopped using my sleep thing on my fitness watch because it drains the battery and doesn’t actually help me any. The Fitbit had a much better sleep minder. I also am bad about remembering to turn it off in the morning so I have a few days where I was sleeping for 24 hours. The Apple Watch isn’t BAD necessarily, I guess I’m just used to the Fitbit one.

So it’s 10am. All I’m doing today is my exercise and watching Netflix, well, that’s my plan. I am noticing that I have tons more energy lately and don’t stay in bed as much as I used to. I may run up to Michael’s to get the melting chocolate and make these chocolate and nut dipped meringues. The meringue is already made (I cheated and bought some) and so now I just need the chocolate and nuts.

My son is still asleep and my dog pooped 4 times and has now eaten so I’m sure she is about to take a nap. I just need to figure out what I want to do! Have a great Sunday!

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