That Darn Cat!

No, not the movie although if you want to watch an old movie, that’s a really good one!

I went into the attic to find and get down our stockings for Christmas. My mother had told me they were up there. My son was still asleep but I went up anyway. The cats were peering up at me from the bottom of the stairs and ventured up a few steps so I sent a bag with a small tree down the stairs to scare them off. That worked for a few minutes! Next thing I know, as I am in one section in the attic not near the stairs, the female cat gets up there with me. I was able to stop the male cat thankfully! So I go to grab her and she runs off into the dark unknown parts of the attic. My son wakes up, puts on his shoes, and comes into the attic with me and we almost get her using his laser light. I mean, she is RIGHT there but I went to grab her and she took off again! ARGH!!!! We locked the male cat in my room so he couldn’t go up there too.

My mom had been at church during this time and when she got home, I had to tell her what happened. She then scares me by saying she (the cat) could fall down the wall 4 to 5 feet and get stuck and die since she doesn’t have front claws and can’t jump that high, or she could go through a hole up there into the neighbors house. I went to the neighbors, I’m very thankful she let me into her attic to double check. No holes on her side and I couldn’t see any on my side but with my moms shit tons of stuff in there, who knows what I can’t see. So I decided to leave the attic door open so she would let herself down while I ran a few errands.

I’m gone about an hour. Then it’s time to go to the other neighbors Christmas get-together so we went over there for a few minutes. My son and I come back saying we really want to get the cat out and we go back up into the attic yet again. Now we can’t find her at all! We are calling her, both of us crying, using the laser light and a flash light, no noises and we can’t see a white cat! I hit my head on a beam which made me cry. My son is sensitive and was upset about my mom saying the cat could die.

Another hour goes by. The cat has been up there for over 2 hours without a peep. My mom comes home from the party and I call out for her to come upstairs. My mom comes upstairs and guess what??? That darn cat peeps over the stairs to the attic and meows! So my mom climbs half up the stairs and sits down and uses her fingers on the attic floor to call the cat to her. Of course the cat came to her and my mom grabbed her and handed her down to me at the bottom of the stairs.

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