What a Monday!

A good, productive one at that!

I went to eat breakfast with Forgetful. She wasn’t even dressed when I got there at 8:30! I gave her some cookies for Christmas, I waited for her to get dressed and ready, went downstairs with her, talked for a bit telling her about the cat attic issue, then left.

I spent the rest of the morning with Cranky. I took her Christmas presents (cookies and cherry preserves that she loves) and she had a doctors appointment that she didn’t want to go to. It’s her shrink that gives her medicine that makes her want to eat and a medicine to slow down dementia so she’s VERY important! I asked her weekday caregiver to come with us since she’s with Cranky 4 days a week. We are sitting there talking to the doctor and the doctor asks if Cranky is feisty. The caregiver says empathetically YES! Well I knew she was Cranky but feisty? Wow. Poor girl dealing with her for 4 days a week! And poor other caregiver for the other 3 days! Cranky wanted to go to lunch but I had other plans so I dropped them off at the caregivers car when we got back and I came by the house.

I packed up 4 things of cookies and took off to a retirement home where I have 4 clients. They only have valet parking so I just got out of the car under cover (it’s been raining off and on all day), got my ticket, and went in to deliver them. Okay, so I dropped 2 off at the front desk because I didn’t want to go find their rooms and then trudge all the way around to the other side where Mr. 95 year old is. I stopped at this one ladies room first near my favorite client – the couple is related to this 95 year old woman through her niece marrying the couple’s son. I’ve driven her a few times. She’s in a wheelchair but she is very active in that chair and very sweet. She has gluten issues but loved that I thought of her. She can eat the meringues though, they are gluten free!

I walked into Mr. 95 year old’s room and he just lit up. He got a huge smile on his face. I was happy to see him too! His daughter had told me that he was in a bad mood, not when I walked in! I gave him his cookies and we chatted for a while. He asked me to get him out of there. He wants to go back to work and go out to dinner like he used to. Poor guy! He’s still recovering and needs help so I can’t just pick him up and run! He ate 2 cookies on the spot and said his kids can’t have any. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I really do miss driving him. It’s been a month without him. I still have to drive his lady friend, Miss Priss, I just don’t have him to talk to. It’s sad. He says he will be fine as soon as everyone leaves him alone and lets him get back to his life. Poor guy!

Then I picked up my son from school because you know, rain. We came home and I decided to go for a walk.

Let me tell you first that I did well yesterday although I didn’t do my exercise until 7pm and so I walked in the dark with my mother’s voice in my head asking where my orange jacket is. It was at home because it wasn’t raining outside and why would I wear a raincoat if it’s not raining? Duh voice in my head! πŸ™„

All the stairs are because I was going up and down to the attic trying to get that damn cat.

Today was better than that already! I went out and walked 2 miles in one walk in 36 minutes. The first mile only took 16 minutes but after 30 minutes I slowed myself down a bit to cool off (as I walk in the cold rain πŸ˜‚). I wore my orange jacket and wow, I was sweaty when I was done! That’s the first sweat I’ve broken since I started this too. Probably helps that it’s 70 degrees here in Houston.

Since it’s only 5pm, these steps and exercise numbers will go up even more since I’m not planning on going to sleep until 10. Crazy, right? I think these vitamins are helping. I wanted to go out walking even though it was sprinkling and at some times, raining on me? I kept going after I hit my exercise goal for the day for a total of 2 miles? I’m not in any pain AT ALL, ANYWHERE today? I’m telling you, it has to be the vitamins. I even danced around for 10 minutes after my walk and am having a hard time just sitting here typing all this. I want to go cook dinner! Energy galore here. Im so excited about it! Let’s see how I feel tomorrow too. Hopefully at least this good!

So now you know why I’m late writing today. I jumped out of bed at 5:30 even though I didn’t go to bed until really late.

I really hope tomorrow is this good. I don’t want to be that weird person that loves Monday’s! My son is not studying for his midterms tomorrow, he’s watching anime. Crazy kid. Somehow he still makes A’s and B’s although I never see him study! The cats got in my room earlier too. I had to wait until they came out from under my bed to pick them up and get them out. My poor dog was trying to have a treat after a walk and actually growled at the boy cat when he tried to get in on the treat. It was funny watching my little dog πŸ• growl at the cat 🐈 when the cat is bigger than she is!

Okay, I’ve had my entire water bottle while I typed this with my thumbs. It’s time for me to go make dinner. Mac and cheese, yay!

8 thoughts on “What a Monday!

  1. Ha Ha that cat may make your workouts that much better every day! Can’t hurt, may drive you crazy but it’s healthy. Good job with the steps and the energy. It’s great to hear you don’t have any pain at all I’m sure tomorrow will be great as well!

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