Exercise yesterday

So if you read yesterday, you saw what I had at 5pm.

Well, this is how I ended the day!

Not bad I say!

Let’s see what happens today. I just took my vitamins and am not hurting. I was a bit nervous since I walked further than I had in a long time yesterday.

My first job is not until noon so I’m charging up my watch until I take my son to school. I have to wash my hair today so I can’t figure out if I should go for a walk this morning and then come in and shower and wash my hair or just do it now and walk tonight.

I’ll go see Forgetful at lunchtime and then I am taking the couple to a doctor and the grocery store. That’s it for today.

My son and I did not watch Home Alone 2 last night. He told me yesterday morning that he didn’t want to and then last night he was complaining that we didn’t watch it so I had to remind him what he said and he was like “Oh. Yeah, I remember now.” 😂 So maybe today when I get home. I’d rather him study but I’m not sure he will do that either!

When I walked out of my bedroom this morning, it was pitch black (there’s usually a nightlight in the hallway) and I had to pick up a cat outside my door so he wouldn’t trip me. He had been trying to jump up to catch the wreath on my bedroom door. I carried him downstairs with me and then he raced back up the stairs. At least I know he couldn’t trip me if I was holding him! I took my son his breakfast that was in my fridge in my room too. I’ve gotten to the point where I make it at night and store it in the fridge. He likes cold biscuits for breakfast anyway but eww! Whatever. Today he has his PE midterm and he told me that he can’t do push-ups. I can’t either so I didn’t know what to tell him! I hope he does well anyway!

Well have an outstanding day and I’m going to try too!

9 thoughts on “Exercise yesterday

    1. Makes sense although I like to go at the end of my workday to clear my head. I like mornings, and in the summer that’s when I have to go out here because the afternoon and evening is too hot!
      I had to force it today but I’m glad I did!
      Thank you in advance for any advice you want to share! 😀

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  1. You’re doing so well with the walking! Keep it up! 😄 I’ve never seen Home Alone 2! Hopefully you guys ended up watch it. 🙂
    P.S. I can’t do push-ups either haha!

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