So Tuesday was alright

I got my exercise in as you guys saw yesterday. I went to see Forgetful and she didn’t remember (of course) that I brought her a Christmas present of cookies. She said, “oh, those were good! I didn’t know who had left them in my room!” At least she like them.

The couple. Wow. I really don’t like to take them both to a doctors office. I have to put her in a wheelchair and him on his scooter and get them both where they are going. Then they wanted to go to dinner and asked me to come back on Thursday to go to the grocery store with their 2 page shopping list. That will be fun, NOT. We ate at a new Mexican restaurant that just opened day before yesterday. It was alright. Just like most other Tex Mex restaurants in Houston, only WAY pricier because of the brand name and location. I didn’t have to pay for my meal so I was okay with that!

I found that my new vitamins do not have potassium in them. So I had to get the couple gas and got a banana at the gas station. It wasn’t quite ripe and it created havoc on my stomach! I was in pain for over an hour after eating it. And I don’t know if it’s because haven’t eaten a banana in years or because it wasn’t completely ripe (it was yellow with a green top so ALMOST ready). I was able to eat a taco for dinner but didn’t feel really good.

Came home, walked the dog, then went to the bathroom and felt better. Now here is the problem! After that, I had a Pepsi, 3 Lindt truffles, 2 servings of milk, and one serving of eggnog. So I went over my calories by over 500! Eek! Plus I couldn’t sleep. That may be because I wasn’t tired yet (although I yawned a TON all evening) or from having too much sugar. Plus it started raining like crazy at 11:15pm and I love listening to the rain so I didn’t want to sleep. Today has to be better!

Speaking of calories, does anyone that reads my blog use MyFitnessPal? I’m on the lightly active setting and I’m not sure if I should up it to active. If I did, I wouldn’t have gone over my calories but then again, MyFitnessPal adds extra exercise calories when I do go out for my walks so I’m not sure what I should do. Maybe I will try it for a few weeks and see if I gain or lose weight. Then go back or stay put depending on what happens.

I have to pick up Styled and take her to run errands this morning. I will go by and see Forgetful while she eats lunch (she has asked me to eat there with her but I may pick up a salad at the store to take with me so I can control my calories). Then I am supposed to take Miss Priss to run errands. She called me yesterday and asked me if the Container Store still has gift bags like what I put cookies in. I told her they were my moms gift bags but I’m sure they do. And she loved the Christmas card too and I had to tell her I got it at the grocery store and it was a box of all the same cards so she wants to go there too. So I asked her if she got my gift then and she says, “Oh yes. They were great. Thanks.” Like not excited but was thinking of something else.

So that’s it for today. I don’t know when I’ll get to exercise but I know I will since I don’t want to miss a day! I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day and does whatever they need to do today!

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Christmas is only 5 days away! Woo hoo! My son and I have decided to take a one day trip out of town to have some fun this weekend. My mom had agreed to take care of the dog and my son was going to invite a friend but all of his friends are busy or like one, grounded. So it’s just me and him but that’s fine too. We need some quality time together. See ya!

7 thoughts on “So Tuesday was alright

  1. That was nice of The Couple to pay for your dinner!! ❤
    I didn't know that not quite ripe bananas are known to cause stomach aches?! I sometimes eat bananas when they're a little green & I've never had problem, luckily!
    Where are you & your son headed for your little out of town trip? Sounds like fun!! Hope you two enjoy your quality time together. ❤

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