Gun range

For anyone that thinks this wasn’t a good idea, let me tell you this. My son LISTENED to the trainer, DID what the trainer said, and had 95% accuracy on his very first time at the range!

Okay, so we were just shooting a 22 which has very little kick but still! It was his first time! I’m a proud Mom and he was so happy and excited about everything. He told me thank you and he can’t wait to go back next week. A total win in my book! I did have to pay for the ammunition which for a box of 100 for the 22 was only $8. Not complaining! The guys said the ammo goes up as the gun goes up. The trainer wants to put him on a 9mm next time because he did such a great job this time.

You will see he didn’t always get in the circle ⭕️ or square but most are! The trainer kept moving where he was supposed to shoot so my son would get used to a moving target. Pretty awesome, right?

15 thoughts on “Gun range

  1. This is a job I keep trying to get my youngest to do. He’s passionate about weapons and is a darn good teacher. I think it hearkens back to his first gun safety instructor who was very good.
    Congrats to your son!

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  2. Sounds like it was tons of fun! I guess I won’t be crossing your son anytime soon, he is much too accurate to be playing around with so tell him he has my respect!.lol. Again, thank you for doing this with your son, the bigger thing here is you got to bond with each other and that’s the win-win to me! My buddy has a .22 and he said that you can buy bulk ammo for it at Walmart for a really great price! Apparently, they have these huge holidays sales where they markdown the ammo so that may help if this becomes something he wants to do all the time!

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    1. Interesting! I didn’t know Walmart had ammo actually. I will have to check that out. I’m not sure if we are allowed to bring our own ammo or not.
      And yes, he and I are pretty close and I want it to stay that way which is why I try to find stuff he likes to do that I might enjoy as well like going to the gun range.


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