Well darn it!

I was under 1,000 steps to 10,000 yesterday. Dammit. I knew I should have walked the dog one more time! Oh well.

So today Styled has a hair appointment at 8:30am which means I have to leave my house by 7:45am which is why I am up at 5:30am on a Saturday. The boys kept me up until midnight as well so not enough sleep but oh well! The neighbor kid came over last night and ended up staying the night too. So I have THREE 12 year olds over here! They were playing flashlight tag downstairs using my sons lightsaber. It glows a bright green so it lit up each room. They had fun it seems. I forgot to take pictures last night of the boys. They were too busy running around and not wanting to stop.

I also have to drop by to see Cranky and Forgetful before we can head out of town. I am going to try to see them both while Styled is with her hair person since it will take her a couple of hours. Let’s hope that works out so we can leave Houston by 12.

Today we also leave town for the night! Let’s see if anyone can guess where we are going. It is within an hour drive of Houston. They have an amusement park and tons of restaurants but only one inn (hotel). One man owns most of the entire town we are going to and now this same man even owns the Houston Rockets basketball team. There is water but not much of a beach. Biggest hint: They have a wooden roller coaster called The Boardwalk Bullet.

I might have given it away for a few readers with that last couple hints. Pretty easy to google who owns the basketball team here. Don’t though! It’s more fun to let me tell you tomorrow and keep you in suspense! The boys are excited to go. I’m just happy to be getting out for a night. Not sure if I’ll get any rest having these 2 boys but I will sure try!

So outside it is 44F (6C). Yesterday was 77F (25C). It rained like crazy last night for a while and the temperature dropped. I’m so glad it got colder just in time for Christmas 🎄! I’m one of those people that think it should be cold on Christmas. My friend from Costa Rica says she grew up thinking it should be warm for Christmas and go to the beach. Houston has had 80 degree Christmases an 30 degrees ones. So I guess we get the best of both worlds? 😂😂😂 I put Celsius in parenthesis so nobody has to do the conversion in their head! 😀

I have to send out invoices today too! I may just take my computer with me and do them while I’m sitting at the bar having a drink and the boys are playing. Once I make them on my computer, I can send them from my phone so I don’t really even need internet to do it.

Well have fun and I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about our trip!

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