Kemah TX

Yep. That’s where we are. We are also about to eat breakfast and head back. My hotel room neighbors woke me up at 6am so I already got my exercise this morning.

Yesterday I did great even including my garlic bread and 4 beers!

The boys fed stingrays, ate well at the Aquarium, had fun on all the rides, and running through the water fountain. I had fun too and relaxed some. This was a great overnight trip (not including the couple with a baby next door to us).

This last ones were my view on my walk this morning. So pretty and quiet here on the water early! I should be glad they woke me up so I could go see that. The hotel also gave us a free breakfast because of it.

22 thoughts on “Kemah TX

  1. Looks like you had a marvelous time! What a fantastic idea I have never been there but it will definitely go on the bucket list. Have a great Christmas and I’m so very proud of you for getting those steps in and losing some pounds i see!

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      1. Oh wow thank you yea I’m wayyy under and I think it’s making me be famished when I’m done working Thanks for answering

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  2. Feeding stingrays. What a radical memory to share. ‘I fed stingrays on my Christmas vacation. What did you do?’
    It looks beautiful! Wasn’t this an area that got flooded?

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  3. Oh my gosh, amazing photos! My faves are the ones of your son feeding the stingray & the one with the Christmas tree & London guy (I forget what they’re called!). ❀ I'm glad you guys are having fun! I've never heard of Kemah, TX! What's the amusement park called?

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