Always debating

Exercise was good again yesterday. I think going out walking in the morning helps me kick off my day and do more.

My dog is still passed out in my bed, not ready to get up for Christmas yet.

My son woke me up at 6:30am ready to open presents. He knows today is really about Christ but he loves getting gifts. So I was smart and brought a few upstairs to my room and he can wait to open the others once his grandmother wakes up.

He got SouthPark seasons this morning. The main reason I brought them up here was so my mom wouldn’t see that I let him watch that show and he could get them for Christmas. She would have a hissy fit! She probably still will when she sees him open his drone. Did you know they have gotten really cheap now? Even the ones with camera ability are under $100 now! So he got one.

His DS broke a few months ago and I am replacing it because he’s had his current one for over 5 years and has always been very careful with it and took care of it. I’m proud of that! Plus he’s getting 2 new PokΓ©mon games (his favorite). Plus his stocking which is filled with junk food he likes.

I love being Santa and filling my own stocking with the snacks I love. Since we are now with my mom, she put stuff in them too. Eek! I put her favorite junk in her stocking as well. She likes Jordan almonds and expensive chocolates. Yep, me enabling again! Lol, no, it’s only a couple of them in a tiny box.

My mothers tree has stockings for each animal, balls, and lights. It’s not like the tree we used to do but then again, hers is 7 feet tall and ours is 3 feet!


17 thoughts on “Always debating

  1. If I put off walking the dog I would never walk her, so first thing in the morning I always make sure to walk her before I do anything other than shower and put clothes on. Then that way I can just relax after I’ve fed her and myself.

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  2. Oh my gosh, I pretty much got boyfriend what you got your son! A t.v. show on DVD and a drone! The one I got was under $100 with camera ability but you know…the charger melted. :-/

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