My first day at the gym wasn’t too bad. I was VERY disappointed that they do NOT have a sitting elliptical. And there were NO trainers or help to be found! So I did find a girl that is the lifeguard that also works out and she showed me a few machines I could use to stay off my feet.

First, I did the rowing machine for 10 minutes. I didn’t think you guys need a picture of the rowing machine,

Next I did a bunch of arm weight machines, well, tried them. 20 reps on each machine.

Then I went on the bike. That was boring as hell to me. I wish they were next to a window at least! I looked out the window while on the rowing machine and that 10 minutes went fast!

Last, I did this arm machine although I have no clue what it’s called! I did 20 minutes on this.

I didn’t see anyone I know which is always nice. I would still rather go when there are less people but this place is not open really early and doesn’t stay open really late so there’s always people around.

I did break a sweat. My foot hurts like crazy too. So now I’m having my breakfast of chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and crackers.

Today I have to go see Cranky and Forgetful. So I’ll see Forgetful for lunch and then go to see Cranky. Her son is leaving tomorrow so I have to go by today. But I have to rest first so I’m watching an episode of Life Unexpected on Netflix and then will take a shower and skedaddle!

Have a great hump day!!!

25 thoughts on “Workout

  1. I’m sorry to hear they didn’t have the seated elliptical but it looks like a great gym! I think it’s great you’re not using your foot as an excuse to not workout, that’s huge! That arm machine looks pretty awesome my gym doesn’t have one of those, I guess different places cater to different needs. If they have a front desk person you could request the seated elliptical. Typically they have to order new equipment after a while so maybe they will take your feedback. The ones at the gym I go to were not there until a few people requested it and since your paying for it they should at least take your recommendation into consideration, it can’t hurt right?

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    1. I asked and they said “Oh, I’m not sure. You’ll have to talk to someone upstairs.” And of course, nobody was upstairs! I’m not sure about this. I have the rest of the month to figure out if I want to stay here which is within walking distance or go to 24 hour fitness. I guess we’ll find out!

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      1. I love 24 -hour fitness, we don’t have them here in Elizabethtown,Ky. but on the west coast, I would always have a membership to one.

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  2. Great keep going! Remember that half the battle is just showing up. And the other half is remembering that feeling of how you felt after you went to the gym. I get up at 4:30 a.m to workout. People ask me how…I say, it sucks but I remember that feeling of what it is like when I am done!

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      1. Hey look start small its a marathon not a sprint! Most people go to the gym for a month then quit. I tell people if they are going only a few times a month but for 12 months vs 1 month. Thats a win! Just remember that feeling!

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