So he’s pretty good actually!

He had me take off my shoes and socks and stand against the wall to check my stance. He said when some people have an injury, their knees turn inward or they lean to one side which I don’t have either. Then he walked around with me talking about what I can do eventually when I’m all healed. We only had 20 minutes left after this so he showed me how to work different arm machines and asked if I can come tomorrow and do legs at no charge.

I was pretty happy with him. He actually took the time last night to research pinched nerves in the foot so he would know what I could and couldn’t do. That impressed me. He did try to tell me that I should do floor exercises with a roller and gave me a paper on the exercises but realized quickly by looking at the pictures with me that I can’t do that yet.

This is my list he made me. He also told me I can’t do arms every day. I have to switch off between upper body and lower body so I don’t hurt myself. He likes that I came in early and did the bike for 20 minutes (this time a different kind of bike – the recumbent one is the one that irritated my ankle) and the rower for 10 minutes before I even met with him. He said it shows I really want to get my exercise and not just saying that I do. I’m sure some people do say that kind of stuff but no, I’m dead frigging serious about getting these last 40 pounds off me!

I’m going in at 7am (God help me) and going to do legs. I’m glad he’s helping me. I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts, comments, and good words to my foot healing.

18 thoughts on “Trainer

  1. See there you thought he was going to be difficult and a jerk and he ended up being a blessing! I think that’s fantastic and it should really help you if he cares enough to do a little research! Goodluck my friend I know you’re going to do great and melt those final 40 off quickly!

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    1. Oh thanks. I gained though this week (damn foot) and the trainer told me it could be a lot of things and has me only weighing and measuring myself once a month now. He said we donโ€™t need more than that (but heโ€™s thin)

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      1. I fast until noon every day because Iโ€™m not hungry in the mornings. Then I eat too much the rest of the day ๐Ÿ˜‚
        I stay in my calories though! Thanks for the thought!


      2. I try to mix it up by doing a few 16 hour fast and then a few 20 hour fast to confuse my body. I’ll let you know in a few years if it

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