Yesterday I went all out. I did 10 minutes on the rower and 20 on the regular stationary bicycle. I then went over and used the weight machines and did multiple arm weight exercises for another 25 minutes. Seeing that I had been at the gym for an hour made me happy. My back was a little pained last night but it was fine when I woke up. Today will be leg day if I go to the gym.

My question is this. I know I’m supposed to take 2 days of rest per week from major exercise (as per the personal trainer) but I still want my 30 minutes of exercise in. I still cannot just walk and that would be the easiest thing to do. Stupid pinched nerves!

What are your thoughts?

34 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. Maybe yoga? You can do that in your home and they have Youtube videos that are 30 minutes or longer that can get a good workout in it but are easy flowing and they even have videos from my favorite with YogaWithAdrienne that target specific areas and things so you’re exercising with purpose!

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  2. Great job! You could always do a little ab work. you can work your core every day I understand just don’t overdo it because your in this for the long haul and you don’t wanna do too much

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      1. Oh there’s tons on both:). I would suggest looking for a hatha yoga or a gentle yoga to start with as I personally find the flow ones more difficult to move through:)

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  3. If you must stay off your feet I would go for yoga or Pilates…Amazon sells good cd with yoga lates tutorial that is mix and really shape the body and makes you feel good .lots of non standing position too😉

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  4. You take your time to rest like your trainer told you to do. Self-care is so important. I have neglected it so many times to the point that I got so mad and upset with everyone around me and I was miserable. Now I take time to relax and enjoy myself. You should do the same. I’m so proud of you. You’re doing so great!

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