Good evening!

I waited to do my post today until I was done with everything else. I thought maybe instead of hoping that my day would be how I planned, I would just see how it turned out!

First, yesterday I ended up walking outside in our neighborhood park for 24 minutes and my exercise watch did not track it! I guess my heart rate wasn’t high enough or I wasn’t walking fast enough. So I was VERY upset last night that I didn’t close that exercise ring. And yes, it took me 20 minutes to walk a mile in the grass without tripping on tree branches or stepping in dog poop but I did walk so I was mad!

I went to sleep at 11 and didn’t wake up until 8am. That was nice! I guess I needed more sleep than I thought. I did wake up at 3 to use the bathroom but went right back to bed. I started reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. I didn’t remember it at all and I like it!

Today I went by to see Forgetful for an hour and then went to the couple’s house to take the husband on errands. I totally forgot to take them the cheddar garlic biscuits I made them so that was an errand…driving by my house to pick them up. We also had to go to the bank, Trader Joe’s for some chocolate croissants, and HEB for all other groceries. It only took 2 hours and he was okay with my $2 more an hour but alas, no tip. 😞

Afterwards, I came home, changed clothes, and went to the gym like I should have just done yesterday!!! 30 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and 7 minutes on leg machines. Whew! I’m a bit tired after that 47 minute workout but feel better than I did yesterday!

On the bike, I do the interval thing and go from level 2 to level 6 back and forth. It’s a good workout! The rowing machine I think is full body but the trainer said it’s about core and back so I can’t complain there. And since I did arms day before yesterday, I had to do legs.

Last night my caregiver called to tell me that Cranky was out of a medication. I called the pharmacy and luckily was able to get a few to tide her over while I called and yelled at the doctors office this morning. I called the office today and they said it would get taken care of but I haven’t heard back and now have to wait until tomorrow to call again. The pharmacist said they would call me when it’s ready but I haven’t heard from them either! Argh! So frustrating! And then her other caregiver wants to be able to go to church on Sundays but will Cranky get up and go with her? Of course not! So now I get to go sit with her for about 4 hours one Sunday a month to keep my caregiver happy.

I’m tired from the stress of today. I’m going to watch Netflix. I hope there’s something new I want to watch on. And I guess I will eat dinner soon too. I can’t eat for about an hour after I workout because my stomach doesn’t like it but I will in a bit.

I need to go back to the shooting range this weekend. Maybe that will help some frustration as well.

Have a great night!

19 thoughts on “Good evening!

  1. The animal farm is a very intelligent story! I have never read the book, but did see the film a couple of times. But it’s been a while for me too.

    I went to the gym yesterday as well. I did a Zumba class.
    I will blog about it today.
    Have you ever done one?

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      1. Lol. Hmmm I feel like I typically don’t go more than a day without posting but your so popular my post may have gotten lost in your And thats all the machines are for to use. I just notice some are better quality as far as comfort than others and precor is very good

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