Quick weight update

I weighed myself this morning like I do every Saturday morning when I woke up. I weigh 214!!! That’s almost 4 pounds less than last week but only 1.6 less than 2 weeks ago. I don’t care! I lost weight again finally! I thought I would show you my weight since I started this journey at the end of November.

I go up and down as the weeks go by but so far since November 30th, I have lost 5.4 pounds. I wanted to lose a pound a week and I have done that so far! See, I’m looking long term and not at any gain or loss weekly. Promise I won’t get distressed or frustrated! You can refer me back to this post if I do.

Last night, I really thought I had gained weight as my stomach roll (skin) is hanging lower than normal. After seeing my scale this morning, I believe it is excess skin and the fat is leaving therefore I will just have skin hanging there. It’s gross I know but also kind of exciting to not have fat, just skin.

I am going to go celebrate with a workout today. Y’all have a good one!

22 thoughts on “Quick weight update

      1. Then you’re tackling something. I always think you have to get good at one thing before you add another. I’d focus on working out and when the scale stops moving down, then tackle your food:) my two cents worth for what it’s worth🀣

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      2. Lol I just gave in and bought a snack at the airport. I do much better when I don’t have a ton of options. I’d find it difficult if I could stop in a store during the day!

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