Worn out

I left this morning at 8:30 to go to work which was supposed to be 2 jobs. HAHAHAHA! Yeah right!

1. Took Styled to get her hair done and grocery shopping. No problems there because I needed water and energy drinks. The issue came when I took her home. She took off and went to lunch. The valet never showed up to get her groceries out of my car. The front desk hands me a broken cart. I put the stuff in it and stand inside and wait. I was supposed to go see Forgetful in like 20 minutes too! I wait 5 minutes before I start getting a bit angry and finally one of the office staff comes out and says they will take her stuff upstairs. I’m sure she would t like that but oh well. I couldn’t wait all day for the valet!

2. Went through all that and was then going to see Forgetful when the wife of the couple called. She asked me to go by their pharmacy, pick up a prescription, and bring it by. Well. Ok. On my way to Forgetful, I went out of my way, stopped at the pharmacy, and someone had just picked it up!!! So I called her back and went on my day.

3. Saw Forgetful who doesn’t remember us going out to lunch the other day and wants to go out next week. Umm, ok. We are going to get her hair done anyway, why not go eat first?

4. The medicine saga continues for Cranky. I called the doctors office AGAIN this morning and they finally connected me with a nurse. SHE took care of it! The prescriptions were ready by 1pm so I was set to go get them when the husband of the couple calls. His c-pap machine is broken and he needs to have it replaced, today. Well! So I go over there at 1:15pm and then he doesn’t want to leave his wife alone so we sit there until 2 when the next caregiver arrives (the wife was very confused this morning and he was afraid to leave her alone). So then we leave to drive across town when there’s another location SO much closer! We drive 45 minutes using the gps and can’t find it. After an hour and 15 minutes, he’s pissed off and I’m frustrated so we go to the other location that we KNOW where it is. They fix his machine in 10 minutes and we start to go back to their house. He wants KFC for dinner and buys me some. I take him home and stuff my face in my car.

5. Finally go to the pharmacy at 5pm and pick up the prescriptions and take them to Cranky. Her caregiver had already made dinner but I had just eaten a thigh and gave away a leg and 2 biscuits to the homeless guy on my corner who was really happy to get food! He even left his street corner to go eat. Glad I could make somebody’s day. Cranky and I talked for a bit, wrote her appointments in her new 2018 calendar, played with her cat, and I left.

6. Instead of going home, I decide to go to the gym. I figure I’m already tired, if I go home, I may not leave again. So I go. I do 30 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the rower, and 25 minutes of arm exercises. I hurt a bit from having too much weight at first on each machine before I changed it but I will live. No arm exercises tomorrow or Sunday and I’ll be okay.

So all I have left calorie wise is from my exercise so I think I better stick with grapes as a snack later with one thing of string cheese. I may just take some NyQuil and go to bed too. I don’t know yet.

It’s been a day!!! This is how busy I like to be and wish I could do it daily and make lots of money! Have a grand weekend. I have no plans other than hanging out at the gym.

6 thoughts on “Worn out

  1. That’s rude that the couple sent you and someone else to pick up their medication and when you got there it was already gone! I think it’s very sweet how he doesn’t want to leave his wife alone though. I’m glad Cranky got her medicine too! And you are amazing, Julie! You’re doing so well with going to the gym! After such a long day, I’m so proud of you for still going! Also for giving that homeless guy some food–that melted my heart. 💖

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