Boyfriends I’ve had after my divorce

Oh what in the world am I doing making this post? Lol!

I’ve had quite a few and maybe I’m just too picky but I don’t really care. They were obviously not the right man!

There was a Jewish guy that I don’t even remember his name (how rude Jules!). He introduced me to the world of Thai food (yummy!). He and I just kind of stopped talking. It was right after my divorce so I really don’t know what happened.

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There was another guy D that was a tech nerd but lives too far away. He was nice and he broke up with me. I was happy though since it was a 45 minute drive to see him!

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There was F who is now married with 2 kids. I didn’t want anymore and this had been out 3rd time dating since high school and it was mutual. I couldn’t stand that he loves to grab the fat around my middle and jiggle it. He couldn’t stand that I hated that plus he had 3 cats and my allergies couldn’t take his place. He and I are still friends. He and his family moved up north but he and I still chat every once in a while. His father always told us that we need to get married. When he married his wife, his father was so mad! Sorry Dad, it wasn’t meant to be (I’d called him Dad since I was 16).

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There was C that I met online and dated twice. I broke up with him both times. I don’t even remember the first time but the second time I couldn’t handle him at all. We never had sex although we would sleep in the bed together if he wanted to spend the night. He would need a nap after taking the dog out on a walk. A chiweenie walk too! The laziness on this guy. It was absolutely crazy! He also had this hernia sticking out that he said he couldn’t afford to get fixed and wouldn’t go to a free clinic. That’s so dangerous! But he was happy to sit in front of a computer and run a podcast half the night when I wanted to sleep! Yeah, he had to go.

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There was S. On again, off again, all about sex and going out together. He’s the one that was a swinger and took me to some swinger bar that I wasn’t comfortable at and to some sex shop that had a viewing area upstairs where we had a blast in front of who knows how many strangers. I loved him. I mean really loved that man. He would take me to fancy restaurants, buy me clothes, everything. I felt like I was in that book (Grey something?) without the bad parts. Even after I walked away, I loved him. It took me years to get over him. He was seeing other women though and I’m not into sharing, I had to walk away.

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J who attempted to steal from me and had a porn problem. He stole my external hard drive and downloaded about 100 porn movies onto it, “barely legal” ones at that. When I found the hard drive buried under a bunch of papers in his closet, I kicked him out and immediately deleted every single one of those files. I ran into him at a grocery store a couple years ago. He said hello and I replied goodbye!

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Oh wow. L! He was so in love with me and I think he was a little slow. I shouldn’t have dated him once I found out he lived with his ex wife and her now lesbian lover (wife). He was a nice guy, I admit that. He liked his part time going nowhere job that made $9 and I enjoy having a date every once in a while without having to always pay. After spending money every single time he or I wanted to go out for 6 months, I was done and wrote him a letter to break up and dropped it at his place. I’m sure his ex wife still hates me. Oh well!

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W the personal trainer. I would still love to be with him! It was all about sex and it was all the time. He stretched me in ways I didn’t think was possible! We were having a blast, I didn’t know he was seeing anyone else but he got some girl pregnant. His family made him marry her too. I have run into him a few times. When he sees me, he gives me this HUGE hug and kisses me on the cheek and smiles that gorgeous smile of his and asks how I am. He always promises to call (my number hasn’t changed in years) but I know he won’t and that’s fine. He was and is HOT!

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P in Arizona. Dated him in high school when he was a mess and then a year ago and he’s sober but still a mess. I think the drugs he did way back when messed him up. He says he has adhd but it’s nothing like what my son has so I dont know about that! Very sweet guy. Still in college after 6 years because he keeps changing his mind of what to be. When I visited him in December 2016, I was unhappy there with him and wanted to leave but couldn’t for 3 days so I kept myself busy by cooking for his family (his Dad told me I should have stayed with him), walking to Target every day to get Starbucks and look around, and have him drive me wherever I could walk around by myself safely. It was hell. I love Arizona, I am just never going to tell him if I ever go back.

H is still a sweet guy and I still text him every once in a while but I’m sure you remember him. He was the latest. He has a record and doesn’t think he can get a good job even though I told him a list of a bunch of companies that would hire him. He made my old car nasty to the point that I wouldn’t even get in it. He text me a few days ago asking me to change the date on the title sale and I said no because I had told the state a year ago that I had sold it to him and there’s no way I’m committing fraud. He understood and paid the fees and now the car is in his name. Good for him. He was supposed to pay off the car by helping me at my moms house and he helped a bit but was so slow and usually would accidentally break something else and would have to fix that too which would take extra time. And let me tell you this. When we had sex, sweat dripping onto my face the entire time and “I don’t like other positions” are a HUGE turnoff! Eww!!!

So there you have it. I’ve dated quite a few men over the past 10 years. I can’t remember all of them. Obviously they didn’t mean that much! And people wonder why I would rather stay single??? 😂

42 thoughts on “Boyfriends I’ve had after my divorce

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to make these lists occasionally. Like you, I don’t remember most of the men I’ve dated or had sex with post marriage separation. That’s probably a good thing, because, like you, I’m single for a reason 🙂

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  2. I hear ya girl. I’m only friends with my very first boyfriend. He’s wonderful and if I wanted to settle I could marry him and be happy, but I won’t. I’m not going to settle. I would rather stay single. I’m good and I’m happy being by myself.

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  3. What!? I can’t believe that guy would grab and jiggle you and be mad that you didn’t like it…wtf!?
    Lol “he said hello and I replied goodbye” 😂😂😂

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  4. Oops I wasn’t done reading yet and I was def not done with comment lol.
    I am also laughing at the trainer stretching you in ways you didn’t know possible hahah!
    I really enjoyed this post, Jules! I don’t blame ya for wanting to stay single! 💖

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  5. My gosh, I don’t even know where to start on this one but all I can say is wow. I love that you remember everything in such detail and you aren’t afraid to put it all out there. Great post, one of my favorites from you and that’s saying something because you know I dig your writing

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      1. oh I’m sure of it! I just don’t even wanna know because once you hear a little then you want to hear a lot and it’s better I don’t know who, “stretched my girl in ways she didn’t know possible.lmao

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      2. lmao oh my gosh your Yeah, I figured that now I can’t breathe because I’m laughing so

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