No exercise (at the gym)

Today I was supposed to not exercise. I did not go to the gym. What I DID do is work my hiney off for an hour and a half working on my garage.

It was packed full. I made a sizable dent in it today. My foot is what told me to stop. I’m sure my mother will have a conniption fit when she sees all that I’m throwing out. I noticed that there were 3 items in there that look like they were at one point on fire. An oil lamp in its package, a blanket wrapped in another blanket, and a box. I don’t think they have ever had a fire here so I don’t know how they got burned.

I brought in the china cabinet and a foot broke off on it. I’m sure she will say I did it on purpose so she can’t keep it which is not true. I just didn’t have help and was trying to slide it along the tile floor and it broke off! I wasn’t going to try to bring in her wood storage thing that goes at the end of her bed. It’s heavy and I would have to slide it and don’t want to break that.

There’s SO much more to do too! She has a TON of brand new stuff still in boxes or bags that she needs to look at and decide what to do with. Then there are tons of big bags behind her new front door in there plus tools, gardening stuff (she doesn’t garden), and who knows what else.

My son pulled out all of her clay pots and put them in the patio so she can see just how many she has. For someone who doesn’t USE them, why??? I am hoping for a wake up call for her I guess. She needs to stop just buying stuff to buy them. She’s on a fixed income, even working she is only part time and doesn’t make much.

I came home the other night and there was a bag of ribbon on the floor (like behind a chair at the back of a table). I asked her about it and she replies,

“They were 75% off plus I get 30% employee discount so they were practically free”.

Me: Umm, mother, are you going to use this ribbon?

Mother: “Well, I might.”

Seriously? I know there are a bunch of people that have this problem so is there so overspending group I can send her to? I buy what I need. If I don’t look at something or use something I bought, it gets sold or donated. So what is her issue and I’m SO glad I didn’t get that from her!

Anyway, I feel like I definitely got a work out in today. So much for taking a day off! My foot is not happy with me so I got my dinner and I am relaxing in bed.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

31 thoughts on “No exercise (at the gym)

      1. I believe you are correct! I just remember the last time I cleaned out their garage (15 years ago) with the intention of my father parking his car in there, I went all day and did it in one day. I can’t do that anymore!

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  1. Hahahah oh my gosh! I laughed out loud about the ribbon. 😂 She’s a shopaholic. I’m glad you’re there cleaning it all out. I think your mistake is even asking her what you can or can’t get rid of. Just get rid of it all! She’ll never notice!

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  2. Be careful. You can’t just throw all her stuff away when dealing with a Hoarder. You can argue til your blue in the face, but, you’ll never understand. Your mother may need counseling with a good therapist.

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