The news station here cracks me up.

You don’t have to read the article but it calls Aziz Ansari an Asian American!!! He’s Indian American! Where did they get Asian from???

10 thoughts on “The news station here cracks me up.

  1. It’s actually true. His family is from Tamil Nadu province in India which is a part of Asia. Many times, at least here, folks speak of the “South Asian Community” meaning people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc…

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  2. Haha. I’ve never even heard of the term “Asian American”.
    I looked it up and this guy, apparently, was born in America. I don’t understand why people always feel the need mention someone’s heritage.
    It only proves that he will never been seen as a true American.

    I see it a lot with the “foreigners” in Holland too.
    They will never be accepted as Dutch, which bothers them.

    BUT THEN AGAIN, people with a different heritage from the country they live in, are also proud and want to show their culture as much as possible.

    The contradiction is large with this one.

    ps. YAY for this “This is US”. They have started to film again. I am super excited 😀

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    1. Oh cool! This is US is good! I think Aziz is hysterical and I know that he’s always talking about his parents from India and how he was raised. Yes, he should just be American!


    1. Not to me. You are from India and therefore Indian, not Asian. I’m okay knowing I was wrong and that I didn’t know India is part of Asia but you are still just Indian to me. AND, if you were born here, like Aziz, you are American. 😀

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      1. Hehe…I am very Indian, although I grew up in the middle-east, and my husband is American but we were both born in India – yes, we are a cultural mess lol!! Having travelled (almost) all over the world I have learned it’s more important to be more welcoming to different cultures rather than to spend time trying to label them.

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