An interesting Tuesday

So last night, Home Depot calls my mother and lets her know that they are coming this morning to replace our lower cabinets. Basically, they gave us 12 hours to clean everything out and be ready to have our kitchen taken over by a contractor. So before I took the couple to dinner last night, I took out everything that was in 3 of the cabinets. This morning, I emptied out all of the other drawers and cabinets and just removed a couple of drawers as they’re filled with junk and set the entire drawers aside. The rest of the drawers were pretty organized so they were easy to clean out. The 2 I just set aside were basically junk drawers.

I have asked her to go through all of this stuff of hers while we have to have it out anyway too. She gives me this exasperated look and tells me, “I guess I can.” I cleaned out my stuff before I moved in here. Now it’s her turn. She has these 2 deviled egg trays but she doesn’t make deviled eggs, she has all this outdated cookware that I don’t use so why are we hanging on to it all? She put stuff in boxes but didn’t go through it. 🙄

The guy came and was here all day doing the first step. He will be back tomorrow to do the next step. It’s one guy! That’s it??? So I had to wait to go work out. While my mom was home, I went to take the couple to their dermatologist. Then I went by to see Forgetful who was in a pissed off mood saying that everyone tells her what to do and she’s an attorney and shouldn’t have to stand for it. Umm, sorry?

Speaking of working out, I kind of took yesterday off because I had worked so hard on Sunday. I did a 20 minute YouTube video of sitting exercises while I waited on the couple to eat last night but that’s it. At least I did something, right? Plus I guess I needed a day off since my foot was hurting. I want to get back to the gym today. I’m so scared that I’m wasting money if I don’t go at least 5 times a week!

I was so worried yesterday about not exercising that I was nervous about anything I put in my mouth. I ended up having 100 calories left over. Whew!

I went to the gym after the guy left at 5. I was nervous that the place would be packed but it wasn’t! There was no wait for the bike or the leg machines. I did 42 minutes on the bike and 22 minutes doing legs. Not bad! I should have gone last night but I really didn’t feel like it. I guess we all need a day off sometimes.

I didn’t take any pictures at the gym because there were a lot of people there. They just weren’t using what I needed to use!

Tomorrow I have to spend about 4 hours with Forgetful. She wants to go have lunch and then go to get her hair done. Again. What is it with that generation and getting their hair done so much? Every 4 weeks she gets it cut, colored, and styled. Every other week, she gets her hair styled from where she lives. I wish I could afford $500 a month just on hair!

Y’all have a good night. I have to go downstairs to break the news to my mom that the doors in her garage cannot be used as a front door for our house. They are a double door set and they are not in the correct direction she needs either. Plus she would have to buy a new frame because the doors she wants are twice as heavy as what we have now and the frame won’t hold it. Wow. She’s not going to be happy!

Not sure if I showed you what a mess the little guy made of my toilet paper roll the other day. He just stands by it proudly too!

The other are both cats looking at me like, “What? We didn’t do anything! You left the door open to our newest play area!”

8 thoughts on “An interesting Tuesday

  1. That’s great your mom didn’t give you a hard time about the doors. I love to sort, organize and get rid of stuff- it’s such a great feeling to have less that I don’t get people who like to be surrounded by clutter!

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  2. I literally laughed out loud when I read “she has 2 deviled eggs tray and she doesn’t make deviled eggs” hahahah! It’s okay you took a day off from working out, Julie!! Especially if your foot was hurting–you deserve a break! I was wondering the same thing about your clients; they sure do get their hair done a lot!!

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