Pouring down rain here

So it’s pouring down rain here and supposed to keep raining until after 5pm. I rescheduled Cranky’s appointment and boy is she mad at me for it! She showered and got dressed and dammit, she wants to go! I’m sorry! When I called the doctors office and got the front desk, I guess I was on speaker because I told her I didn’t want to bring Cranky out in the weather and you could hear in the background, “That’s okay. Tell her thank you, I can go home now.” πŸ˜‚ I guess the doctor doesn’t want to get stuck at the office either. I like her doctor too so for me to cancel last minute must be for a good reason.

Now I can pick my son up at school so he won’t have to walk home in this weather and I don’t have to worry about flooding out my car. I hate driving in the rain, especially when it’s heavy like this. My dog didn’t even want to go outside if that says anything. My mom isn’t even leaving the house and she likes to wander around outside in her patio.

The contractor is almost done with the kitchen. He will send his tile guy over later, next week or something. That’s not very important (a backsplash) so my mom is fine with it. The new lower cabinets seem very nice and they are those self closing ones too. I’m not crazy about the brown color she chose but it’s her kitchen! The uppers are painted yellow on the outside with painted dishes on the inside. So brown? Really? Okey dokey then!

So I was thinking. It’s pouring, I don’t have any more jobs today, once I get my son home safely, I should just go to the gym! It’s days like today that I’m glad of my gym membership because obviously I can’t go walk outside! Update on my foot – still hurts if I walk too much. I guess I’m healing VERY SLOWLY. It sucks! So I’m staying on the bike, the rower, and the weights. That’s okay for now. I miss walking. I won’t miss it when it’s over 100 degrees here this summer though!

This elderly woman at Forgetful’s retirement home saw me today and said, “You’re losing weight.” Does it show??? I had a big smile πŸ˜ƒ because I didn’t tell anyone there that I was trying. I guess I’ll see at the end of the month when I take my pictures. I haven’t lost much weight but maybe the weights are helping? I have no clue. Maybe she was just being nice, who knows.

I posted everything for sale on Facebook marketplace this morning. I got a lot of people that want the pots, half the messages were in Spanish (sorry people – no Espanol). Everyone seemed to want me to post my address online. No way! I’m not crazy! I told the people that said they were interested to call me for the address. Nobody has. Oh well! If they don’t get sold, I will just donate them. My mom said she’s fine with either. One person asked me about the doors. She needed measurements and said she will let me know tonight if they will fit as she thinks they are beautiful. Let’s hope they fit so I can get rid of them! My mom wouldn’t let me sell the fan or the yellow box. I asked her what she was going to do with them and her reply was, “I’ll figure something out.” πŸ™„

We will be back down to 33 degrees by morning and it is 70 today. So if you talk to people here and wonder why they have a cold, it’s the weather changing daily! Most everyone either has a cold or has a housemate with a cold.

15 thoughts on “Pouring down rain here

  1. Glad to hear your hard work at the gym is paying off. πŸ˜€ I put my car on FB marketplace and got a TON of spanish people, too, lol. Even when I say no espanol, they continue to send me spanish sentences LOL.

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