Too early today

I’m so tired this morning. I believe it’s because I’ve slept 6 hours a night the past 3 nights now. Maybe I can go to bed earlier tonight (yeah right).

I have a busy day today! I have to take the husband of the couple to a doctor, the bank, and the grocery store this morning. I have to then go see Forgetful for an hour. I then take Cranky to a doctor and her caregiver will use that time as a break (I do not blame her ONE bit!)

So I guess I will go work out once I’m done for the day. It seems like a lot of people have already dropped their New Years resolutions because my gym is not crazy busy, even at 6-7am or 5pm!

Yesterday I was kicking it at the gym. I went in the morning and did 32 minutes on arm machines and then did a 45 minute bike ride. It also made me almost late to pick up Forgetful!

I didn’t even have time to do something with my hair. I had to leave it up in a mini ponytail (my hair is really short for a ponytail), throw on work clothes, and rushed over to her. We went to lunch at this Chinese food place that she said she liked. I’m not a fan of any Chinese food but I have to keep her happy so I grinned (probably crazily) and went. I got 2 spring rolls and she got this ocean Atlantic sushi combo thing. It looked nice and the restaurant had a good atmosphere. She said her food was alright but she wouldn’t order it again.

So that’s it for now. Time to take the kid to school, come home, shower, and get to work! Have a great day!

18 thoughts on “Too early today

  1. You’re doing great at the gym! I have started aiming to burn 500kcal each workout. Although I don’t always reach it. So I try to be satisfied with less too (although that’s difficult for me haha)
    I am traveling, so I can’t do any exercise today. 😦

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    1. That’s okay. Sometimes you need to rest too. I haven’t hit 500 yet in one workout. My tracker doesn’t give me burned calories for weights although I’m sure I’m burning some.


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