Rainy Thursday

I’m so glad I wrote twice yesterday because so much more happened! There would be no way I remembered it all.

The contractor finished the cabinets and they look beautiful. One of the interior shelves doesn’t pull out because the side of it is too close to the door and a couple of them are NOT self closing. My mom called him and he’s coming by tomorrow to fix it all. That’s nice of him to come back that fast.

A very nice woman came last night and bought 20 pots. Then another nice woman came and bought 20 more. There’s still a ton left but that’s great! The first one paid me $15 via credit card which is fine with me and the second paid cash. I gave my Mom her $35 so she’s happy too. I asked her what she thought of my selling all her unused crap stuff idea and she replied, “I’m loving this!” Lol, I should have done this a long time ago! I’m sure my Dad would have appreciated it!

I went to the gym and did more than normal, at least for me. I must be getting more in shape – but sometimes when I come up my stairs at home, I’m still huffing and puffing. 45 minutes on the stationary bicycle, 10 minutes on the rower, and 25 minutes on leg weight machines using 40-50 pound weights. I don’t think I really need an entire minute between sets which is what this app tells me to do. I end up sitting there looking stupid and wishing I could just keep going! Maybe I should find another app for weights or just skip the 60 second wait time after 30 seconds or will that hurt my muscles?

I know my heart rate was a little high but it is within normal range according to the health app so I went with it and felt fine. I also ran into an old neighbor while I was biking and he says, “I haven’t seen you here before! When did you join?” So I told him November (it was really December but how would he know?) and he replies, “Hmm. I’ve been here so not sure why I haven’t seen you but glad you’re here.” Umm, thanks? He’s a weird older guy that goes swimming in his neighborhood pool all times of the year wearing a wetsuit and flippers. And if you start him talking, he doesn’t usually stop and it’s usually about church and politics. I’m glad I was working out and he didn’t talk my ear off!

I have to take Styled this morning to get her hair and nails done and then see Forgetful. I am supposed to pick up my son to go to the dentist but now he wants to have the 2 back teeth pulled instead of the jaw extender so I called the dentist office but they have to get back with me tomorrow morning since the orthodontist is not in today. So I may pick him up early, I may not! Guess I’ll find out. I hate changes this late into it. I mean, come on child! Everything is paid for and ready to go and NOW you want to change it??? Geez! 🙄

I pretty much froze waiting for those women last night and it’s COLD this morning!!! Does anybody else on here get colder after working out? I can’t figure out why I was so cold last night. Or any time after I work out. It’s weird!

Have a great Friday. I’m back to loving Friday’s again as the last workday of the week!

18 thoughts on “Rainy Thursday

  1. The cabinets do look beautiful! I’m glad you were able to sell those pots and that your mom is on board with selling some of her stuff. 🙂
    You’re doing amazing at the gym! I think you should keep up with the 60 sec breaks!!
    It is weird that you get cold after working out!?

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  2. I am always roasting right when I finish a workout but then cool off fast. When I ride my bike inside I often open a window so it can be COLD when I finally get back to normal.

    As for your heart rate – I wouldn’t worry about what the value is. Listen to how your body feels – and also recognize we all have different maximum heart rates as well. There are recommendations for calculating it but humans vary a lot. Mine should be 173 by one calculation and 175 by another. However my actual maximum – as in when I push myself to the limit – is about 192. That will go down as I age (I’m 47). On the other hand others have lower max rates and targets should be adjusted accordingly.

    Speaking of which – I have a virtual bike race to go to in just a few min. Time to change! 🙂

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