Exercise question

I was going to just update my other post but then I thought – this needs to be on its own.

I’ve been working hard. I’ve been trying to let my foot heal and even joined a gym which I never thought I would do.

I started using the weight machines – I never thought I would do that either!

When the lady finally got here, picked up the doors and left, I got to go to the gym. I changed my clothes as fast as I could and ran out the door.

I forgot my ID to check in at the gym, I forgot my headphones, and obviously my sanity as well.

I started to do arms which I had only done once this week on Tuesday. After the first 3 exercises, my arms ached badly. I tried to do a couple more machines but I hurt so I quit finally after using 4 machines and only 2 sets of 12 per machine. Then I went to the bikes. I got on my standard one and started riding. After 10 minutes, my back hurt so bad that I moved to a recumbent bike. After 10 minutes of that, I just quit and went home. I hurt all over and wasn’t prepared, and so yeah. I left.

Do you guys have days like that? Is it only because I didn’t have my music to listen to?

This is why I’m taking today off. I thought maybe I need it. Please let me know your thoughts on this!

32 thoughts on “Exercise question

      1. That’s what I meant ,sometimes we just need to slow down and listen at our body.you did the right thing beside ,reading your post lately I wouldn’t dream to put your name and the word lazy in the same sentence😊

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  1. Oh yeah I have had days like that. I think you did the right thing. I agree with roijoyeux you should do some warm-up exercises. I do them before and after my workout to stretch my muscles and they feel so good afterwards.

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  2. I’ve had days like these where it seemed like everything I did hurt and ended up giving up for the day. Listen to your body and trust your instincts. There’s a fine line between being sore and hurt. Lower the weights you’re using and just do more repetitions at a that lower weight instead. Always stretch and warm up before exercising. Lower back problems plague me too and stretching before and after any exercise really helps (core/abdominal workouts should help in the long run). Until it becomes part of your routine it’s going to always feel like hard work but as long as you keep motivation and have some fun it’ll get better.

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    1. Thank you. I do warm up. I stretch like crazy before I do anything. I don’t want to get hurt which is why I stopped last night. I will go again tomorrow and see how it goes (and I’ll remember my darn headphones!).


  3. well my husband uses an app that you might want to try – it has a nice variety of mixing upper body and lower and then a bit of cardio.
    but I wanted to chime in here because I think folks forget they will have a healing crisis at times.
    or just these “herxheimer” reactions when we rebuild and restore our health.
    and this is why we go slow – and then sometimes add in days of pushing a bit through sluggishness or a little lactic acid.
    but the main goal is to get your body tone inside and out so the immune system is kicking it strong – and this varies from person to person –
    and the good news is that we should go slow, do no harm, and gets lots of sleep – especially if healing body parts (like your foot) because sleep is when our body does that magical healing work (as you know)

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      1. I will have to aks him – he has two – sorry – or I would have mentioned the name when I replied – I will try and come back soon with the info when he comes back home later today ‘xxoo

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  4. Honestly yes I definitely have days like that. And I need to get my butt back in gear went once last week buuuut been working a lot so I didn’t go any other time. But I usually do stretches or something at home that doesn’t require equipment.

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  5. When I do my YouTube workouts sometimes my back and legs start hurting. I get frustrated about the legs because I only want to workout my abs..not my legs as well and my back prevents me from doing the exercises correctly.
    Your body just needs a break and you very much deserve it. 💗

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  6. I have days like that but it’s usually my body telling me that I am pushing it a little too hard and I may need a little break. You can always focus on your fore exercises if you still want to workout because core muscles can be worked every day with no problem. you will be back to killing the gym again in no time I’m sure!

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