Me day

I have to take a rest day. And that day is today. I am not going to exercise, I am not going to clean out more of the garage, I am not going to do much at all.

I have to do laundry and dishes, I have to take my sons friend home, I promised I would make waffles this morning so I have to do that, but that’s it.

Last night, my sons friends were picking on him by sending him text after text after text over and over and over. He finally got really upset and seriously threatened one of his friends. That kid got really upset and didn’t know what to do so he hid from my son. After calming down my son, explaining to the friends that he’s an only child and not used to be picked on (both of his friends have siblings) and making brownies to try and get things more relaxed in my house, they started having fun again.

Here’s what scares me. My sons friends could go tell their parents what happened and then my son no longer has these friends. Then those parents could tell other parents – blah blah blah. You see what I mean, right? No more friends here ever. The rest of his junior high life would be as an outcast and he could become this sad lonely kid with no friends who gets picked on. I don’t want that for him!

I can’t do anything about that though. If they tell, they tell. I’m not going to threaten them! It was a very bad moment but it seems to be over now and hopefully won’t happen again. I am nervous about it though. Guess I’ll find out!

Have a great Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Me day

  1. Oh wow…I’m sure everything will be find between them, Julie. I think you did the right thing. They’ll prob forget about it before they tell their parents. 🤞🏽

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