Icy conditions

So I’m at home, safe and warm. I haven’t left the house at all today except to take the dog out to do her thing. I just went out to wrap the pipes and my fingers were frozen inside my gloves 🧤 in just a few minutes!

I bet I will have to start small again by the time Houston reopens here on Thursday at the gym. I can’t wait to go though! My gym closed as well as most of the city. The crazy people out there driving could actually be people that were made to go into their jobs today and are trying to get home. My job would have told me to, yet another reason I am SO glad I run my own business and don’t have a boss telling me (this actually has happened in a flooding situation) that I will be written up and possibly fired if I don’t go to work (I didn’t go either and the city ended up closing so they couldn’t do anything to me).

I keep taking screenshots from ABC13KTRK here in Houston. I see that Louisiana is having the same problems so I’m glad Todd isn’t down here right now dealing with this and for my friends in Louisiana, I feel you!

We will get down to 19 tonight (see the wind chill temperature in the picture above) and therefore all of our streets will be frozen over as it has been sleeting and snowing all day. This hasn’t happened here in 22 years according to the news. 22 years!!! I don’t remember what I was doing when I was 22 but if it was like this, I was probably at home. My sons school district had cancelled school today and they are discussing if they should tomorrow. If they don’t, I bet they don’t have many kids there anyway. I know I’m not driving on the roads until it’s been above freezing for a day.

I cannot take Cranky to her appointment tomorrow either. I will reschedule that and I hope it doesn’t take too long to get her back in to see that doctor. Her caregiver called me because Cranky didn’t believe her that it was snowing and nobody should be outside. Umm, really??? Turn on the news. She did although I doubt Cranky believes it. She said it’s all silly and people should just be more careful and get to work. 😂

If you happen to be here or near here, please be careful! I don’t even want to walk the dog after dark since I won’t be able to see the ice anymore. Hugs! 🤗

19 thoughts on “Icy conditions

  1. This time I made sure I was very clear to my boss about my working from home preferences.
    Especially now that the job is more than an hour drive and I am always stuck in traffic jams.
    There is no way I would get in the car with extreme weather. I don’t want to be in an accident because others are reckless.
    So tomorrow I will stay home 😀

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  2. It’s pretty crazy here in Kentucky as well. I can’t weight to get back in the gym. I may try today since my fiance has a work meeting to get in there for a good workout! They said they will be open today no matter what so I’m hoping I can get in a quick workout because I haven’t been this week due to weather!

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  3. Wow you have crazy weather! Stay safe and wrap up warm. My employer used to be ok with me working from home if it got really bad, but I’m so happy now to be self-employed and snug in the warm while others are waiting around for hours for delayed or cancelled traines!

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      1. I was in London at the time, and even my friends with cars rarely drove them into the city. It’s different once you get out of London though – a lot of people in the smaller towns drive to work and although the main roads are usually gritted, many of the smaller ones are not.

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