Still in shock

I feel like I’ve been on the phone since I woke up. There is so much to do when somebody dies. And it’s not my family so I’m supposed to just sit here? I want to do something. I guess I will just figure out how to pay them back the $100 petty cash they always wanted me to keep on hand. Probably PayPal.

I’m sorry about my news this morning. She was a argumentative and cat loving old lady that was too young.

This is yet another reason I need to start going to the gym and be in shape. You never know what can happen. The gym is supposed to open at noon today. I think I’m not going today but will get back to it tomorrow. I can’t think and really just want to turn on more Netflix and zone out.

I was within my calories until I stayed up until 3am last night. I had a glass of milk and one ounce of shredded cheese so I went WAY over (by 400 calories). At least I wasn’t drinking soda, right?

Anyway, nothing else to report. I’m about to go wake up my child and eat a very late breakfast. Y’all have a good day.

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15 thoughts on “Still in shock

  1. I’m so sorry. Anytime someone passes away it’s hard especially when you knew the person. I’m here if you need anything. I’m proud of you for not having the soda. Milk and cheese are much healthier than the soda.

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  2. Hi Julie, I don’t know why my comments aren’t showing up but I’ll try one more time to leave you one in case you aren’t getting them.
    I’m sorry I’m late on reading your posts and even more sorry to hear about Forgetful. It’s okay you went over your calories and that you skipped out on the gym. I hope you had a Netflix night. ❤ *more hugs*

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