It’s already 2pm???

Oops! I slept through texts, phone calls, everything! I woke up at 12:30pm and felt better. I called to reschedule my client for tomorrow morning since my son has a doctors appointment in the afternoon. My mom came home for lunch as she is working a full day today at her job. We talked a bit. Now I am about to head up to pick my son up at school and take him shopping for pants. I still can’t believe he wore shorts to school in this weather! I will pick myself up a new hoodie and shoes for both of us as well. My hoodie has so many holes and now the pocket has worn out so it’s time. Plus get my car washed to get the paint off it as well as the salt from the roads.

I looked into psychologists and am going to wait until we go to the doctor tomorrow and see what she thinks. We will also get him regular vitamins while we are shopping. Sounds like a Target kind of day!

I’m hope everyone is enjoying their day. I was completely out of breath from running up the stairs so I need to get back to the gym! That’s also on my list today. I’m taking my son with me too.

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