Better afternoon/evening!

When I picked my son up at school yesterday, we went to the Galleria mall. That’s where he wanted to go so I said okay. I showed him where they do the show Houston Live each day and we got him 2 pairs of pants at the Nordstrom’s sale. He says pants constrict his penis and he doesn’t like them. Really? Don’t all pants and shorts do that? He needs to get over that one. He wears a 36/32 already! He is basically a grown man at the age of 12. 5’9 and 170 pounds is a grown man. Scary, right?

Then we went and picked up Beck’s Prime for dinner. Then we went to Sketchers where I got a new pair of cross training shoes. I’m happy with them. My son went to the comic book shop while I got my shoes so it worked out well. He got a new manga book and I got new shoes.

I forgot to get a new hoodie for me and vitamins for him. I’ll wear my Boston pullover for now which is fine. I just prefer the zipper one so my shirt doesn’t come off when I remove my hoodie. I will also just ask the doctor for my son. She may want to prescribe a special vitamin, who knows.

I also went to work out last night! Yay! All I did was ride the bike for 45 minutes but it made me happy. I also saw the best guy I know (he’s married – I know, it sucks to be me). He gave me a hug and said he just joined and we will have to run together once my foot is healed. I was all smiles! He’s a great guy and a good friend. His wife would probably hate me if she knew I was going to work out with him. Oh well, why isn’t she here too? He runs a business that I’ve been going to for 20 years so he and I have become friends. I don’t want y’all to think I ran into my personal trainer ex although I would really be all smiles then too!

Also while I was there, I saw a friend whose twins go to school with my son. She was watching them in their karate class so she and I text while I rode the bike and she was downstairs with them. I told her to call me so we can get together. I miss her and she’s been through a lot that she never told me lately so she and I need to hang out and catch up!

I got an award on my watch for completing 16 workouts in January. I’m stoked about that. The awards actually help me want to move more. Plus I made a friend on the watch so now I have someone to beat every day. Hehehe. He told me that I’m kicking his ass because he hasn’t worked out in a while. I told him to get back to it so we can really compare!

So today, i go pick up my insoles from the podiatrist, take Styled to get her hair and nails done, then I have to take the couple shopping. Since I took yesterday off so I could sleep half the day, I have a lot to make up for. When I called and told the husband that I hadn’t slept well, he said, “Oh I understand that VERY well! I’ll see you tomorrow.” So sweet!

After all that, my son has a doctors appointment and we will discuss what we can do to help him. The therapists at her office weren’t helping and I think he needs a guy. I’ll have to keep y’all posted on that.

I’m awake after a good nights sleep and I hope to have a good day. I get my insoles today so I’m excited to put them in my new shoes and walk more (with the doctors okay). Have a glorious Friday!

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