One pound

I only gained one pound from being sick and lazy for 4 days. I overate (by a big cup of milk) 2 days in that 4 days. I am okay with one pound! It just shows that when you work at it, you will lose and if you are lazy, you will gain.

I was so proud yesterday of my son. I know he’s only doing this because he’s grounded and has nothing better to do but I’m still proud. After his doctor appointment, I made him come home, walk the dog, and then go with me to the gym. I told him there are chairs or he can do the bike next to me. The gym rules state that your child can be next to you or they can take this class to be able to do what they want. He got on the bike next to me! He kept talking to me which I wasn’t thrilled about but I am also not going to complain that I had to take my headphones off multiple times. He also kept getting off the bike so it would turn off which would frustrate him but I never stopped riding and he kept starting over. We biked for 45 minutes. I then went and did arms. I only used 5-15 pounds and I only did 2 sets of 12 on each arm machine. I felt really good for doing it. The last time I did them, my arms hurt so bad and I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. So I used the arm machines and I was fine. Yay! Then we came home and watched a scary movie together and he went to be around 10pm and I did at 11:30. So it was a good night.

Today will be sad and then fun. We are going to help my clients family clean out Forgetful’s apartment in the retirement home. Then my son and I will go work out again. Then comes the fun part. I am taking him to his godparents house for the night. I am going out with my friend and his roommate for dinner and drinks after. I can’t wait to go out and have a good time. I told my sons godmother that my son is grounded and can only watch tv if they are watching something. He will not even have his phone as they both have a phone if he needs to call me. It’s also a chance to work on his attitude since they have 3 kids, 9 year old twins and another 6 year old. She will bring him home bright and early tomorrow morning so I told him to take his key so I don’t have to wake up and let him in. I might get up though. Depends on what time I get to bed.

His doctor told me to get gummy vitamins. I got some at the grocery store although he’s about to get braces, can he eat gummies? Guess we will find out! The doctor thinks he is doing amazingly well considering he has been off ADHD and asthma meds for a month. Yes, I agree with her on that. Kept his A’s, not been as brooding, just the one issue that one night. That is pretty good. Let’s hope things keep getting better and better.

So have a great weekend. I hope to!

19 thoughts on “One pound

  1. That’s awesome. I’m so proud of him too and you as well. I know a lot of people who have kids his age and it’s never easy. You’re doing so great though. I hope you have a fun time and make lots of memories. Thanks and I hope you have an amazing weekend too!!

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  2. I ate gummies all the time when I had braces and it was cool I just had to brush my teeth extra because it can stick After a while I learned to eat them without getting them in my braces it just takes time! You are doing great with your son he will truly be a great man and it will be in no small part because of you!


      1. LOL. once he figures it out it’s awesome you can chew gum and stuff and you just know where to bite down with it. You should show him, he needs to know how blessed he is. Your commitment to him is not found everwhere

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  3. Mixing braces and gummies sounds like expensive dental work 😂 V8 has branched out in the juice category maybe giving him those will provide the recommended dosage of vitamins and bonus it could take the place of soda if he allowed such a treat.

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  4. Lol! I laughed because you weren’t thrilled about your son talking to you while you were working out. 😂
    I love gummie vitamins! I always forgot to eat them though so they expired and they’re pretty expensive, too. I think he’ll be fine eating them with braces!

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