Oh crap

I am an idiot. I took my son to the gym last night forgetting that I was supposed to take the couple to dinner. The husband called me at 6:30 to see if I was okay and I waited to call back until I was finished with my work out 15 minutes later. When I called them back, I felt like the biggest dumbass on earth! He asked if I was okay. I said, “yes, why wouldn’t I be?” Then he says that I was supposed to be there. OH SH*T. So I told him that I had been in court all day and totally forgot. He said it was okay and I can take them tonight. So now I will take them for no cost because I screwed up. They may not let me do it for nothing but I will say it’s on me. Man, court really screwed me up yesterday!

So yes, I did a workout. 30 minutes on the bike and leg machines. Since I shared my arm workout with y’all yesterday, I thought I would show you my legs workout today.

After we worked out, my son and I headed downstairs at the gym to see his friends. We were waiting for their karate class to be over and my phone rang. It was the psychologist I had called! Yay! My son is all set to meet this guy this coming Saturday. How cool is that? He talked to me for about 20 minutes too and even said hello to my son since my son found me on the phone in my car (I had walked outside to hear this guy and left my son to say hi to his friends). The psychologist seems really nice and said that he usually works with teens and tweens and anger is a huge issue these days with kids. He told me not to use his fathers anger as an excuse and also said I had been telling my son the right things.

If you’re wondering what that might be:

You are a smart kid. You are a mostly A student (one B). If your anger got to you at school, your entire life would change and you would not get to keep going to your magnet school; the district would put you in a school with other kids that have problems or you could end up having to go to juvenile hall where you could get beat up and picked on every day. You need to talk to someone and get this under control so you don’t ruin your life.

Yes I know that was a bit harsh. I needed to get it through his head that he will not be able to continue like that. He’s been good so far since being grounded, only got angry a couple of times and not that angry. I really feel that night was situational and not normal.

The neighborhood kid still talks to him at school but hasn’t seen him at home. I don’t blame the kid one bit. Maybe in a month or so, they can play outside together and see how that goes. Or that kid could have told his other friends around here and that’s why my son hasn’t been invited out to play. Who knows if they’ve even been playing (it has been VERY cold). I do know my son is liking the gym and said he is fine seeing this psychologist to help him with his anger. We saw the neighborhood kid’s Dad and little brother at the gym and the Dad gave me a thumbs up that my son was there working out and even told my son to never miss leg day. ๐Ÿ˜‚

So today I go check out a retirement home for a client. Then I will take Styled for a doctors appointment. Then I have to take the couple to dinner. I think I am going to attempt to go workout after I drop my son off at school this morning. I feel like that may be the only time I have available for a workout. And I do not feel like taking a day off training yet. My gym trainer told me that my body will tell me when I need a day off, like the day I was sick and the day before that when I just couldn’t do anything.

So, if you don’t want to see me at the gym, don’t go this morning. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Actually, if any of you guys were at my gym, I think we would work out together and have a blast. I appreciate all of the support you guys have shown me and can’t wait to keep it up and show you how good it feels.

Thank you and hugs!

13 thoughts on “Oh crap

  1. Great post my friend! I’m glad you got the workout in, I’m proud of you! Your leg machines look awesome there! By the way, I really hope the Therapist helps with your kiddo! I’ll be praying for you guys.

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  2. Aww, I’m sure the couple understood why you were all out of sorts from court! I’m so happy your son has found someone to talk to about his anger! I don’t think what you told him was harsh, you’re a great mom! Also, you’re doing amazing with the workouts!

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