Sad day

Today would have been my Dad’s 76th Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. I’m sorry you’re not here so I can celebrate it with you.

I went to the gym at 7:20am yesterday. I did 30 minutes on the bike and the arm weight machines. It was a good workout and I was almost late to pick up Styled for her appointment after coming home to shower. I made it though!

This morning, I am going to this car wash place as they said they can get the paint off the side of my car. He showed me yesterday how easy it was for them and told me to come this morning to get it done.

Yesterday was the first time I had gone to this car wash place as it is a bit out of my way. I waited in line for a full service car wash and then drove through behind the line of cars. Then I went to park where I was told so they would do the inside. I sat on the phone for a bit talking to Cranky’s niece about how she shouldn’t move and then got out of my car. I stood around waiting for anyone to come dry off my car. Nobody came. 10 minutes later when I should have been gone, still nothing. Then some employees skipped my car and went to the car next to mine that had driven in after me. I finally called the phone number for the company listed in google.

After hitting 0 a few times, I was directed to the owner. He was very nice and said he wants his customers to be happy and they were under construction and he wasn’t sure where his employees were, etc etc. He text his shift manager to get someone to my car. I didn’t know he was on his way to the car wash. As I stood outside, this man came up to me and introduced himself and told me he was the person on the phone. His name is Scott. He’s the owner. Holy crap! That I didn’t expect! He was very nice. He had stayed on the phone until someone came up to my car. Then his manager came up to me to apologize and told me my next car wash is on them. I’m kind of embarrassed to even go back now. I know complaining had to be done but I didn’t need that much attention. I just wanted my car done! So if you are in Houston, Swish car wash on Westheimer will take care of you.

I saw the paint on the side of my car (still) after the car was clean and asked the manager about it since I had his attention anyway. He rubbed some stuff on it and it was coming off so I told him I’ll be back this morning to pay them to get it all off. I’m not out for freebies. They are nice but I just want my car to look like it used to – with no white paint splattered down the side of my red car.

After that this morning, I have to take my son to the dentist to get the expander put in to widen his jaw. Really no fun! The rubber bands they put in a while back haven’t come out so I hope they can put the extender thing in. Then we come home and I will take the couple to the grocery store.

Last night I took the couple to dinner and they invited me with them. They went to a VERY expensive restaurant called BCN. They didn’t understand the name until I told them that BCN is the airport code for Barcelona and this is a Spanish restaurant. “Ooh! It makes sense now!” I love the couple. It was SO good! They ate Brancino fish and I had Filet Minon. Yummy! They also ordered a bottle of wine, an appetizer of clams, and were even looking at desserts although we didn’t get any. A ton of food! The husband thought this little bowl on the table was some special thing for the bread and poured it over his piece. When he found out it was salt, he still ate it! I gave him my bread so he could have some without all the salt. He was happy. They made me charge them for the time too. I knew they would but had to offer a free ride.

So that’s my day. I guess I should get up and get dressed and tell my mom happy birthday to my dad. She’s been up since 6:30 for some reason and she didn’t even go to bed until 11pm. That’s not normal. So I need to check on her. She’s back from getting her coffee so it’s a good time.

Before I go, my mom has a friend coming today to keep cleaning out stuff. They got a lot done yesterday (the entire attic) and are going to do the garage today. Her friend said I should be able to park my car in it tonight. Wouldn’t that be nice? She also said that we need to start an organization business because I had already done so much by myself and done a good job. Well thank you! πŸ˜€

Y’all have a good day. After the grocery with the couple, I’ll go work out. I can’t miss leg day! πŸ˜‚

15 thoughts on “Sad day

  1. Oh gosh I’m so behind!
    Happy belated birthday to your father! πŸ’— I’m glad they fussed over you after you called the owner because I would have been so mad about them skipping over my car. Hope you got all the paint off now!
    That dinner looks so delicious, especially the fish. Mmmm. The couple sounds so awesome. πŸ˜„

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