A bit late in the day

Oops! I woke up late this morning so I didn’t post although I did read everyone else’s blog!

Yep, I usually wake up at 5:30 and didn’t wake up until 6:45. I was supposed to be somewhere at 7, I was only 15 minutes late so to me, that’s pretty good! This morning at 7:15am, I had to help my caregiver put Cranky’s cat in his carrier to go home with the caregiver. 30 minutes later, I was huffing and puffing, the cat was hissing and biting, and we could NOT get him off the top shelf of the closet! I had to race back home to walk my poor dog and then get to my next gig. She finally called maintenance and a guy came up with gloves and got him out and into his carrier so he’s off to his new home with the caregiver. Cranky is VERY unhappy about this. She told me all about it after I went shopping at Costco for her. I told her that it is for her safety and she said “Poo”. I told her that she can blame me but she had agreed to do it yesterday and of course she replies, “I did NO such thing!” “Okay, whatever”. Yes, I did say that to her although I don’t think she heard me thankfully.

My mom started to go through things in our living room from the attic and garage this morning so of course there is a HUGE mess.

This is how she left it when she went to work. So I ha to cancel on my CPA coming over today. There’s nowhere for him to sit and work! Then off to work for me.

I picked up Styled and took her to get her hair done. Then we went to the nail place that we both love.

I got mine done too. I hadn’t since that Christmas color so it was definitely time! I blame Hunida for getting hers done so I wanted mine done. πŸ˜‚

After that, I decided last minute to go do my monthly Costco trip. I got chicken, beef, fish, coke, and coffee for Cranky. I got my son hotdogs and buns, gummy snacks, chocolate milk, and soda for me. I know! I spent $180 and only got one thing! Well, Cranky’s son will pay me back for hers but still! When I came home to put my food away, I packed up my small George Foreman grill (after I cleaned it – I don’t think my parents ever did!) and a cookie sheet to go with her food. One pound of the beef I mixed up my ingredients for burgers because she loves when I make them and bring her one. At Costco, you are buying in bulk so I actually bought 6 pounds of beef. I made each pound into a bag by itself and flattened them in the bag before I sealed it. It takes up much less room that way and it’s pretty easy to cut into 4ths for burgers and easy to thaw. I only took a total of 3 pounds to Cranky and have 3 for us. I took them over to her with my dog in tow to try and help ease her anger over her cat. It didn’t work but I tried!

I took my doggie to pick up her antibiotics at the vet and came home around 3:15. I wish I could say I was lazy and took a nap but no, not me! I walked the dog, changed clothes, and took myself to the gym. I was pretty stupid at the gym yesterday and hurt my foot more. I just had to try this leg machine where you lift your ankles up and push up with your shoulders on pads. Then I got on a treadmill for 10 minutes! What was I thinking??? I LOVE the treadmill there though! It has the VR of trails like you are actually outside walking around national parks! It was really cool! I had already done the bike for 30 minutes and the leg machines.

Today, I rode the bike for 30 minutes and did arms. That’s it. I’m not going to hurt myself out of being able to work out completely! Now I’m at home about to change back into my work clothes and go to the couples to take them to dinner. So it’s been a long day but I got everything done that I wanted and needed to.

have a quick question for all of my friends that work out. Are you noticing that your heart rate takes much longer to get up where you need it and you have to do more? It's driving me nuts!

Have a great night (or morning if you are reading this then) and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “A bit late in the day

  1. This big stores…there goes the money – and so much work.

    I ask there is so much they make us do … easy part is picking up in the cart, then hard part putting in the trunk, then harder part bringing inside the home, and then hardest keep them in six separate bags just like you did and then more hardest one forget they have something left in the freezer. Repeat and throw the unused or expired or after the best use.

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  2. Hey, I dig the post! To be honest I never really noticed before but it did take a little longer this morning it’s funny that I just happen to read this and it happens. However, once my heart rate got up I notice I get back to a rested state much faster than before. Have a great day!

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