Rest day, finally!

Happy Sunday!

Recap of Saturday – my son liked his new psychologist so we will definitely go back. He is very sweet and seems to really want to help. My son didn’t want me in the room with them and that’s fine. I just want him to not get so angry.

The gun range was awesome like usual. Even the psychologist said it was a great idea. I was so glad he said that. We shot a 9mm gun. My son had already forgotten how to load the clip so I did that and he enjoyed the kickback the gun had and asked if we could do a 45 next time. Umm, okay. I made only 3 shots out of the 50 bullets we went through and they were all head shots. 😀

Then the gym. I did a LOT of cardio since today is my day off. Check this out, 45 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 5 minutes on the rower. Also, yesterday was leg day.

My son left the gym while I was still on the bike (my first exercise I did yesterday). He said it was taking me too long at the gym and he wanted to go home. So he walked. That’s fine. I got my quiet time and got to do more without being pestered.

I told y’all how much I enjoyed the VR on the treadmill the other day. Well, when you are doing a long walk, I don’t like it. I wanted to take this mountain trail it showed. After 4 minutes, it switched to a different one! 4 minutes? And then it put me on a city view which I definitely don’t want. So there I was, trying to find the Mountain View again (never did). I got one I thought looked cool but it turned out to just be a trail to the ocean. The good thing is that it kept changing things up like I really was walking outside. It would change the incline, the scenery, and you can make the pictures big and just look at that. The bad was that the videos weren’t long enough for my liking and the stats were always showing at the bottom of the screen as well as if you looked down.

Today is church and that’s it. I’m going to make my son go. He needs more structure (my words). So instead of being “grounded”, he gets one hour of tv a day (I know he watches more when I’m working), studying for an hour (this kid never studies!), and reading the rest of the time. Then our Saturday’s will consist of just like yesterday and then Sundays are church. No anime either because I think it is contributing to his anger (although I could be wrong). What do y’all think of my plan?

That’s it today. I still need to do laundry and my mother asked us to help her put stuff back in the garage to clean out the living room (OMG mother 😡). Nothing else to do today but watch Netflix and take the dog out multiple times. 😀 Have a great Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Rest day, finally!

      1. Ha ha thank you….now I can go lye down on the couch with no sense of guilt😂😂😂once I have finally shed to freeze my ass watching my daughter hockey match 😬

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  1. I never tried the virtual reality programs, and after reading your “review” I think I will stick with running on the treadmill and taking in the forever evolving tranquil scenery of my backyard.

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    1. He is not into sports, he had done baseball, soccer, basketball, even karate and taekwondo. If he’s going to the gym daily, that’s okay by me.
      Oh, and let me tell you, raising this little guy so far is good but frustrating! 😂

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  2. I remember reading an article a teacher shared. He had been a regular writer for a popular newspaper blog, they didn’t like this one and didn’t print it. He discussed (in a nutshell) how familiarity with violence was changing the way kids thought and acted. He cited games and tv. It sobered me because he loved shooting and action movies. He didn’t realize, even as a teacher, how much had changed.

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