Busy day

No work but it’s going to be a crazy day.

I have a retired CPA coming over in an hour to help me send out 1099’s to my employees. I am also printing all of my bank statements and checks from last year including a 280 page mileage report! Eek! Now that I’m printing that out, my printer has decided I am low on ink. Well, I have already printed at least 100 pages of other stuff from last year so it doesn’t surprise me.

I want to go ahead and get in the shower but I feel like I should watch the printer to put in more paper as needed. And what happens if I am in the middle of printing and I completely run out of ink? What a morning!

Not only did I not exercise yesterday, I lowered my calorie intake by 400 calories a day so I was out of calories by 4pm. Then my best friends roommate calls me and asks me to dinner with them!

They drove over and we went to Carrabbas which is an individually owned Italian restaurant. I ordered a half order of lasagna and forgot to take pictures of all of our orders. Here is coffee and dessert though.

Then they brought me home and gave me the photo albums which I showed you the ones of me that he had. I had no clue he had so many!

That’s it for now. I have to keep printing out stuff for this guy coming. See ya!

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