One month

I lost 1/2 an inch on my chest and waist but I do not see anything. I actually think my upper fat roll looks bigger!

After that, I walked to the gym. I rode the bike for 45 minutes and did the arm machines. Then I walked home.

Now I am watching Netflix and already ready for bed. I’m a bit tired tonight. I stayed within my calories today too so I’m happy with myself.

I took the dog for a walk tonight and saw my next door neighbor. We started talking and she has an Apple Watch so she and I are going to be activity friends on the watch. She also said when it gets warmer, we should hang out on her patio. I made a friend! Woo hoo! She’s also a single mom so it’s cool.

My Mom told me that she is off tomorrow and is going to work on the stuff still left here in the garage. I hope she gets more out. Like most of it. Lol

The CPA is awesome! He took down everything and is going to send off the 1099’s on Wednesday. He wouldn’t accept payment today either. I’m so thankful I don’t have to deal with that.

So I think I’m going to get some milk and then go to bed. I wish I had more work tomorrow but all I have is to take the couple to dinner.

15 thoughts on “One month

  1. It’s good you’re sticking to your calorie diet, and made a friend, AWESOME! Just because you can’t see the progress know it’s there, it will show soon

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  2. It always takes time before you see anything, unfortunate reality.

    I don’t go on the scale, but measure by pants size. I feel like they are getting a bit looser, I hope šŸ˜‰

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  3. You’re doing so awesome, Julie! I can’t believe you’re able to walk home after a workout! I’d be too exhausted. I’m happy you made a friend!
    P.S. I finally brought those fishnets home so I should remember to send them to you soon! šŸ’—

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