Wake up!

So I got 4 texts in a row at 4:30am this morning. It was Cranky’s son texting me from Paris. He is doing his 1099’s today and he had questions. At 4:30am??? So I got 6 hours of sleep. I wanted more but oh well. Hard to keep sleeping when your watch vibrates on your arm. I’m glad I answered him though. The CPA that was here yesterday told me a bunch of things to watch out for on the 1099 he sent me so I wanted to make sure he knew everything I was told. I don’t want to go back and forth with him on it.

So I decided to catch up on my reading. It was dark and quiet and I was awake and pissed off anyway, why not make myself feel better by reading what my friends have been up to? Then I saw Andrea’s post. And I had to go check things out. I ordered the cutest hoodie!


I’m so excited to get it and wear it!

My mother is off work today and has decided that I need to help her on the garage. She thinks! I have to figure out exactly what is owed me from Cranky’s son. I hope that doesn’t take too long but it could!

I also want to go work out again today. We wouldn’t want to miss leg day, right? Oh! I also figured out how to raise my heart rate to burn more calories on the bike. Don’t laugh. When I am on the 5 level for 2 minutes, I lean forward and hold in my abs. When I am on the 2 level for 2 minutes, I sit up straight. I burned a lot more yesterday than normal. Then again, I did take a day off and maybe that’s why. I had all those extra calories to get rid of.

I stayed within my calories. My lowered calories that is. I had 1900 instead of the 2200 I used to have. I hope that helps. I guess I will find out. I wasn’t hungry either, I was too busy to be hungry!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I think I may since I am not so pissed off about waking up like that now.

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