Well sh*t

My day just keeps getting better!

I went outside to take my son to school and look what I found.

Some damn idiot tried to break in my car last night! I thank God for tint because it held the window in and it didn’t come out for them to get in!

Some of my neighbors weren’t as lucky though.

This is a nice neighborhood so this pisses me off. I sent all these pictures to the management. Not that she can do anything but she needs to know.

Now I’m off to find a glass repair person that can fix my window today since I have to work tonight!

33 thoughts on “Well sh*t

      1. Exactly weather is the car insurance or the medical one…..lets hope nothing will ever happen to the house because I don’t see things going much differently there either😡

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  1. That’s so crazy! I can’t believe they didn’t get caught breaking so many windows. When I hung out with heroin heads they always broke into cars, all they checked for was the red beeping light that warns that the car has an alarm. If the car didn’t have that, they’d break into it. Sometimes all they’d find is old phones and bags of trash. Yet they’d still steal it all.

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      1. I’m glad you got an alarm installed now! & I forgot to mention, those heroin heads always went into the good neighborhoods to break into cars. They’d never go into the “dangerous ‘hoods” !

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