You guys. Y’all are the best. Who would have thought when I started my daily blog back in July 2017 that I would hit 500 followers this fast?

All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone that made this happen. For the most part, I just blog about my daily trials and tribulations. Some good, some bad. Yesterday was BAD! Today should be good.

Thank you thank you thank you dear friends for reading about my day and commenting and letting me read about yours! Now on to the daily rant:

I am not allowed to roll down my window or get it tinted again for 2 days. That’s a pain. It kind of freaks me out to have all the windows tinted but one. Stuff outside the passenger side window catches my eye all the time now. Oy.

Today I will take Cranky to her pulmonologist that I adore. He’s so great, he will talk to you on the phone himself! No going through 50 million other people for him. I told my caregiver to just take that time as a break so she is. When all this tax stuff is done (I need to check my numbers and that’s it), I have to start looking for an apartment for Cranky too. I have this morning to get my tax stuff done since everyone’s 1099’s have to be mailed out today.

Then I will take Mr. 95 year old to his country club for dinner. He called me while I was with the couple at dinner last night. We went to this down home restaurant place near them. No pictures and I’ve been there so many times it’s crazy. I ordered their chicken fried steak forgetting how big it is. The husband got a burger and the wife an Asian salad. None of us could finish! I packed up my food and brought it home. My mom came home shortly after and I told her about the steak and she jumped on it. I think she loves Tuesday nights now since the couple takes me to a bunch of different places. She always eats my leftovers. I’m waiting for her to just say, “Why don’t I drive the couple?” LOL Don’t put it past her!

That’s the plan for today. Not much is going on. This CPA guy is awesome and so helpful! I’m so glad I hired him. He’s taking care of my 1099’s today.

Yesterday I did 30 minutes on the bike and legs. I was in a time crunch between finally being finished with the car mess and going to my job but I did go work out! I also didn’t eat much because I was so stressed so I only hit 1600 calories. I hope I don’t overdo it today.

I will have to hopefully have time between jobs today to go too. The training session that I paid for in December is going to be used by my son as I’m pretty sure the podiatrist is going to give me shots in my other foot when I go next. That will be good for him.

Y’all have a great day. It’s almost 6:40am and I haven’t even gotten out of bed!

35 thoughts on “500???

  1. Big congrats Julie! Youre doing amazing! I have bad days too and they can make me feel a bit discouraged. But trust me, it all has to do with timing. I wish we all lved in the same time zone πŸ˜„

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  2. Super awesome amazing. I read this in my emails (it was one of the VERY few emails to get thru today..darn yahoo!) and was so proud of you!!! Congratulations!!!
    I have been doing mine for about a year and am humbled anyone reads mine! I’m glad you do, we have quite a bit in common!!!!

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