Hmm, oh well

I didn’t post yesterday! First time I didn’t. I can tell you that I honestly thought about it a few times. I just never did it.

Wednesday when I went to pick up Mr. 95 year old, he had Mr. Happy and Miss Priss with him. I took the 3 of them to dinner and explained to Mr. Happy that I am working, just not on weekends. Miss Priss had told him that I wasn’t. 😤 I worked out my arms and did 30 minutes on the bike between taking Cranky to her doctor and driving Mr. 95 year old. I only had about 90 minutes to get it done including changing twice and getting back and forth to the gym but I did it!

I also got an award for hitting my move goal every day in January.

I did not work out yesterday. I woke up at 6am and was out the door by 7 in my workout clothes. I didn’t have a job until 10 so my plan was to go to the gym yesterday morning. I dropped my son off at school and my dog off at the vet. I came home and my mom had me putting stuff away so the maid could clean. I wasn’t finished until 8:45am. There goes the gym. I got in the shower and was still late to work (10:30am) although I did call to let them know and they were fine with it.

I took the husband of the couple to the grocery store and then picked up barbecue for lunch. We went back to their house and ate. Then I took the wife to her hearing test. She had gotten an ad in the mail and wanted to go. The guy that helped us came off as he thought he was better than us at first and at the end but actually got decently nice for a little bit in the middle. I will take her to another audiologist I know for a second opinion if she wants. I hope she does. I trust their machines, just not the guy that helped us.

While all this is going on yesterday, the vet calls me. My little girl was supposed to get her teeth cleaned and they required blood work and an exam before it. Her blood work came back and the vet called to tell me her white cell count was 200 and platelets were 80. In a human, that’s cancer! I was freaking out while I worked! All the horrible thoughts of losing my cute little Amber girl at the age of 11 (in April) went through my head. I picked her up after my job and went home.

I was walking her right after I got home and decided to call her regular vet. She had just been to their office last June for an exam. I had taken her to the other place because of a special on teeth cleaning they were doing and the fact that they cut her nails for free all year. The other vet got on the phone and told me to bring her in right then. After her walk, that’s exactly what I did. They redid the blood work and she’s fine! She told me that there was probably a clot in the blood on the other test. My question is…if the vet saw such low numbers, why didn’t they retest her??? Argh! So the regular vet matched the other vets deal on cleaning and she now has an appointment for next Tuesday. So the bad vet place cost me $267 for blood work and exam. Her regular vet cost $46 for the retest. I’m already out $300 and still have to pay $400 for the teeth. I don’t have a lot so this is very frustrating! At least I know she’s fine and to not go to that other vet ever again.

On my way out the vets door at 5pm, the manager from where I live called me. She had given my number to a lady in our neighborhood for help with driving. That’s fine with me! I called the lady when we hung up so when I got home, I took Amber and walked down to her house. She is another 5 foot tall, 100 pound lady and is only in her 70’s. She is having surgery and needs someone to drive her and then bring her home and watch her and help her do things for a few days. That’s great! I told her we will have to figure out the charges because she may only need a few minutes at a time and I’m not going to charge her for an hour if she only needs 10-15 minutes at a time. So that is set up for the end of the month (depending on when the doctor schedules her surgery). It should be easy since she’s a neighbor to go back and forth and still work while helping her.

I got back in my house around 6:30pm. I was so worn out! I watched Netflix for an hour, finished my laundry I had started in the morning, took NyQuil at 9 and was asleep before 10.


I have to take Styled to get her hair cut and colored this morning at 8:20. I will then pick her back up at 10:30 and either take her home or to run errands. After that, I may get to come home for a little bit, but have to take Cranky to see a retirement home at 2. So when will I get to work out? I don’t know. I do know I do not want to miss another day. I’ve been doing this for 2 months so I guess I’m used to making it happen. I will go, just not until tonight.

So that’s my day. I hope yours is good and busy as well. Don’t forget to get your activity in!

13 thoughts on “Hmm, oh well

  1. Good job on hitting all of your moving goals for Jan! I’m so happy that Amber is okay but that bad vet place sounds like a total scam…wtf?! You shouldn’t even have to pay them since they worried you & were WRONG!

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