What a nice Saturday!

Yesterday was a really busy, good day.

My son spent the night at his friends house and the other mom said he was good. I got the alarm installed on my car. It’s so different sounding but I can hear it great from my bedroom. I did work out for 45 minutes on the bike but only 4 arm machines because my friend asked me to meet her.

So my friend F had bought a house down south of Houston last summer and she and her son were going to move in. She got her son enrolled in school down there and everything was set up. Then Harvey happened. Her house was flooded. So she stayed in her place here near me and her son moved in with his grandfather so he could go to his new school. She and I meet up for a margarita every few months to catch up. We did that yesterday. Her house won’t get fixed until at least March so she can’t move and is paying 2 mortgages this entire time. FEMA didn’t help much so she’s having to work full time, goes to college full time, and tries to be with her son as much as she can.

After we met up and each had a margarita, I drove down to Clear Lake to have dinner with B for his 45th birthday. Traffic was awful! There was an accident on the way and a lot of people just stopping because it was raining. It took me an hour to drive there so that was 15 minutes more than normal. I got there and walked around Baybrook mall looking for a card for B. I finally found a store and paid $4.28 for a little simple birthday card! Then walked back to the restaurant for dinner. His roommate came and a friend of his from church. So me and 3 men had dinner at Perry’s steakhouse. I know it’s an expensive place so I took enough cash with me to pay for dinner for my friend. He told me he was going to order this $90 steak, eek! So I ordered just a salad and drank water. I handed him $100 cash so he could pay for his own meal. 😂 I just got ice cream for dessert while B got a free dessert tray for his birthday and the other 2 guys split a Nutty D’Angelo. I spent $20 including tip on my dinner. It was a great dinner where I made a new friend and got to spend time with one of my oldest friends. I give Perry’s 4 stars only because service was a bit slow. We were there for 2 hours just to have dinner! The video is of the guy making the Nutty D’Angelo right in front of us. That was really cool! You can hear us all chatting while I made the video too. 😂


I was home by 9pm. When I walked in, my Mom said my son was demanding to be taken to the store and when she said no, he got huffy with her (her words). My son said that’s not true, he just stomped off and got a lunchable and left again back to his friends house. He spent the night again and was good. I went upstairs and there was a mess outside his door which he said he didn’t do although he did pick it all up this morning. The dog had to go out really bad too which I was not happy about. She peed in the patio, she couldn’t even wait to go outside! Poor baby.

Today, my son is going to a friends house during the Super Bowl so I will use that time to go to the gym and see if there’s anybody actually there. I hope not since I enjoy it being less busy. I just dropped my son off at church (the late service because I didn’t wake up until 9am). I got 10 hours of sleep. So nice for once! As I was leaving the church, there was a woman walking her dog so I went outside my lane to make sure she had room. I didn’t realize there was a impatient car behind me and they were going to go around me at the same time so they honked at me. Wth? So I flipped them off an kept driving. Hehehe. Like my car dangling thing says, keep calm and drive on.

Really people. I was trying to do the right thing an give the woman room to walk her dog. Geez! Anyway!

That’s all I’m doing today. Have a great, relaxing, fun Sunday!

17 thoughts on “What a nice Saturday!

  1. Mmm, all of the food looks so good!! I’m glad you got to go out with your friend for a margarita (so sad about her house…) & out to dinner with the guys!! 😀 Your car dangly thing is super cute, too. I love it!

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